Applicants by registering in the plan Iran Khodro Defective Cars Auction They can buy cars that have a lower price due to some defects.

Iran Khodro has decided to put some of its defective cars, which normally cannot be sold, in an auction. These products are left on the hands of the factory due to various reasons such as creating scratches on the body during production, accident in the factory or price drop and of course becoming old. For details Iran Khodro unhealthy car auction be with us.

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Iran Khodro Defective Cars Auction

Iran Khodro’s plan seems to be the best way to rid the factory of these cars, and it started on November 18 at 8:30 am, but will continue until Sunday, November 22.

Event Place Iran Khodro auction Tehran, kilometer 14 of the Tehran-Karaj highway, in the direction of Saro Azad town (Pikanshahr), 8th West Street, at the end of Botanical Boulevard, door 2, and the applicants must go to the site Auctions of Iran Khodro Company Visit.

The auction of defective cars of Iran Khodro has started

After visiting various products, applicants can register their bids for buying their favorite cars online on the auction site.

The registration process is as follows: first, by referring to the Iran Khodro website, the online auction system, the registration conditions must be met Iran Khodro Defective Cars Auction Check out Participating in the auction and registering the bid also means accepting these conditions in the auction documents.

Participate in the auction It requires a deposit of 10 million tomans per car. As a result, considering the payment limit according to banking rules, it is recommended to use a card that does not have any problem with depositing at least ten million tomans through the banking portal available in the internet system. This card and account number must be in the applicant’s name.

Before participating in the auction, it is good to know that the offered price of each car is only for buying it. Payment of other expenses such as taxes, fees and government fees and the cost of holding an auction is also related to the applicant.

It should be noted that each applicant can submit an offer to buy more than one car, and in case of winning, the applicant has a limited opportunity to settle the account. According to the auction rules, if the applicant does not deposit the money within a specified period, his deposit will remain with the auctioneer and no complaint is considered. Also, it is not possible to withdraw in case of settlement.

Note that before referring to Auction website Be sure to fill in your personal information on the Iran Khodro sales website. For more details, you can call 44796948 to 44796956.

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