Android 13 update for Sony’s 2022 flagships Simultaneously with the release of Android 13 by different brands, it was released for two phones Xperia One Mark 4 and Xperia 5 Mark 4.

In a situation where some other brands, including Samsung and Xiaomi, have started the extensive release program of Android 13 for their products and have specified the process of releasing this version of the Android operating system for all their products, Sony Release of Android 13 For its products, it has started with two phones.

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Android 13 update for Sony’s 2022 flagships

Sony Android 13 release schedule For your phones with two phones Xperia 1 IV And Xperia 5 IV has started. These two phones are Sony’s flagships in 2022, and although Sony has not mentioned the exact time and region of Android 13 release for these products, users are likely to have access to this update now.

The Android 13 update of Sony's 2022 flagships has been released

Android 13 Based on Material You design language It is designed with theme, color and icon customization options, security updates, different language settings for different apps, improved permissions and more.

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