Student loan is always one of the most important financial aid for students. Now the head of the welfare fund New student loan amount has announced

The head of the student welfare fund of the Ministry of Science has announced that New student loans for the new academic year It will definitely increase and the amounts will double.

November Teter

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New student loan amount

Masoud Ganji, head of the student welfare fund of the Ministry of Science, said:

Student loans have increased and for continuous and non-continuous associate and bachelor’s degrees, it has increased from 1 million 950 thousand tomans to 2 million 500 thousand tomans.

The amount of the new student loan was determined;  Terms of receipt

The head of the students’ welfare fund further said that the amount of continuous and non-continuous master’s loans has increased from 2,600,000 tomans to 3,000,000 tomans, and continuous and non-continuous specialized doctorate loans have increased from 6,000,000 to 6,500,000 tomans. . Ganji stated: “The amount of the new announced loans will be paid twice to married students.”

According to Mr. Ganji, at the same time as the new academic year and receiving the new system, Applying for student loans We register so that the loan is paid to each student as soon as possible and with funding from the program and budget organization.

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