New reports indicate that the production rate of iPhone 14 Pro is much lower than the market demand and the waiting time for the production of this product has increased to 25 days.

With the great popularity of the Pro series of the iPhone 14 family, the demand has exceeded the production of these devices, and Apple has increased the waiting time for these two phones to meet the needs of users.

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The production rate of iPhone 14 Pro is much lower than the market demand

David Vogtan analyst at UBS Investment Bank, reviewed the data Waiting time for iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max production line has checked According to the survey, waiting times in the US for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max each increased by 5 to 25 days.

This analyst explains the reason for this sales increase In September, it knew it had exceeded Apple’s expectations. The sales rate measures the amount of inventory sold in a given time period relative to the amount of inventory received in the same period.

iPhone 14 Pro production rate

if we want Sales rate If we compare iPhones with last year, we see a 3% growth; This is despite the fact that the sales rate of iPhone 14 Pro has experienced a 50% growth compared to the iPhone 13 Pro model. Needless to say, probably The initial launch of the iPhone 14 seriesThis has contributed to the sales rate, although the demand has also increased compared to last year.

Vogt believes that the recent escalation of the Corona virus in China could affect Foxconn’s main iPhone factory and negatively affect iPhone units in the December quarter.

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