According to the new reviews of the Wearable Gadgets Validation Center, power and The accuracy of the blood oxygen sensor of the Apple Watch Series 6 is equal to advanced medical devices!

New validation studies were published on the MyHealthyApple website this month. In these reports The accuracy of the blood oxygen sensor of the Apple Watch Has been studied. According to the results of this research, the power of the blood oxygen sensor is such that the Apple Watch Series 6 can detect the decrease in blood oxygen saturation on par with medical grade pulse oximeters.

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Comparing the accuracy of Apple Watch 6 blood oxygen sensor with medical pulse oximeters

On its official website, MyHealthyApple announced the publication of the results of the accuracy of the Apple Watch blood oxygen sensor in the Digital Health journal. The aim of this study was to investigate how blood oxygen saturation can be measured by a commercial smart watch. During this research, the performance of Apple Watch 6 compared to Medical pulse oximeters Checked out.

The accuracy of the Apple Watch 6 blood oxygen sensor

According to 9to5Mac, 24 healthy people were selected by the researchers to conduct the validation studies. These subjects simultaneously wore an Apple Watch 6 and a pulse oximeter sensor on their middle finger, and then breathed in three phases through a breathing circuit with a three-way valve. Participants were asked to breathe ambient air during a 2-minute initial stabilization phase. In the next step, participants inhaled a mixture of oxygen-reduced gas (12% O2) for 5 minutes.

This is temporary Blood oxygen saturation reduced participants. In the next stage, which was the final stabilization, they breathed ambient air again until SpO2 returned to its normal and previous values. In this research, blood oxygen measurements were performed with two Apple Watch 6 devices and a pulse oximeter medical device simultaneously and at 30-second intervals, and the output was 642 pairs of blood oxygen measurements. It is interesting to know that there was no difference between SpO2 measurement between smart watches and oximeters and the results were completely the same.

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