Possible Send long texts on Twitter to be activated, Elon Musk It also promises monetization tools for artwork creators and better search performance.

Elon Muskthe owner and CEO of the company, announced on Saturday that it is possible Send long texts on Twitter provides This feature allows users to add long text to their tweets. Musk didn’t comment on when the feature would be available, nor did he promise to put an end to the “pointlessness of Notepad screenshots.”

He added that the company plans to work on additional tools to monetize artwork creators and improve the platform’s search performance. “Twitter search reminds me of Infoseek in 1998!” he wrote.

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Ability to send long texts on Twitter

After Musk’s announcement, NBC News’ Ben Collins was quick to point out that Twitter had also been testing some text-sharing features before Musk owned it. He went on to say: “Musk is getting credit for a series of things that some employees did before they were fired by Elon Musk himself.”

Send long texts on Twitter

In fact, at the beginning of the year, Jin Manchun-Wong, who is known for exposing experimental features in apps, discovered evidence that Twitter was working on a feature called “articles” (Articles) used to send longer messages.

On Saturday, Twitter also began building some of the infrastructure needed to support the revamped subscription Twitter Blue did The service allows users to pay $8 per month to verify their account and receive a blue tick.

In addition to several other features including the possibility Post longer videos and see Less ads get access Musk has previously promised that Twitter will work on supporting content creators, but has yet to share details on how Twitter plans to do that. Since Elon Musk bought Twitter, a number of prominent users have left Twitter, including Nibellion, owner of one of the platform’s most popular gaming news accounts.

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