For a long time, due to the existence of the ability to edit messages on competing platforms, many expected Ability to edit tweets on Twitter and now it seems that Twitter has officially started to offer the ability to edit tweets.

After years of waiting and conflicting debates, Twitter has finally tentatively Ability to edit tweets tested In fact, since the discussion of such a feature came up for Twitter, the reactions were divided into two main categories.

November Teter

Proponents of this feature, who were unable to correct typos, were very happy, but some users believed that such a feature challenges the functional nature of Twitter as a generally text-oriented platform.

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Ability to edit tweets

Twitter recently announced that it has been investigating for about 1 year Ability to edit tweets It is, but since this seems like a controversial feature for Twitter users, the company spent a lot of time trying to possibly weigh all aspects of it.

The ability to edit tweets has finally been added to Twitter;  But for a fee!

Now this wait is over Ability to edit tweets Enabled by a button for select users in some regions. It is expected that this process will gain more speed in the coming weeks and will be offered to other users as well. Of course, we must point out here that the new feature is not a part of Twitter’s free features and as a feature of the set of features. Blue Twitter (Twitter Blue) defined.

In the test phase, the way this feature works is that tweets can be edited up to 30 minutes after publication. Edited tweets appear with an icon, timestamp, and label that other users can review. Tweet edit historyincluding the original versions.

The ability to edit tweets has finally been added to Twitter;  But for a fee!

A tweet’s edit history will be available to everyone who has access to an edited tweet, making it a little harder to spread rumors or claim the opposite.

It should be noted that currently, the ability to edit tweets is exclusive to blue Twitter users, and as a result, those who want to use this feature must pay a monthly subscription fee of $4.99. Of course, this feature is currently in beta testing and not even all Twitter Blue users have access to it.

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