According to Telegram, this platform is intended to be an auction platform with a purpose Buy username with cryptocurrency Create TON or The Open Network in the blockchain network.

According to Telegram, users on this auction platform can buy their own username using cryptocurrencies and own it. It seems that the transactions of this auction platform are being done with a certain native cryptocurrency called Toncoin. Read this news report again.

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Buying a username with cryptocurrency; Telegram’s new feature!

According to the BusinessofApps report, the Telegram platform has more than 500 million monthly active users. Of course, it is worth noting that this popularity is thanks End-to-end encryption capability which provides features such as the possibility of sending anonymous messages. Founder of Telegram; Pavel Dorf, in August, on his personal Telegram channel, about creating A platform for buying usernames with cryptocurrency had spoken The founder of Telegram wrote in his channel:

“If TON can achieve these results, imagine how successful Telegram with its 700 million users can be if we auction usernames, reserved links, groups and channels.”

Buy username with cryptocurrency

He also pointed out that Ownership of Purchased Usernamesjust like NFTs, will be “guaranteed” on the blockchain network, he added, adding that other elements of Telegram, such as stickers, channels or even emojis, could also be auctioned.

In a new post on the channel, Pavel Dorf explained the implementation process of this feature: “The development phase is almost over and the auction platform will be launched soon. “Make sure you don’t miss your chance to get the most valuable usernames and secure their ownership on the immutable ledger of the TON blockchain.”

Of course, this is not the first time that a popular platform sells usernames with cryptocurrency. According to the report of The Block, usernames on the Ethereum blockchain platform have long been used to buy usernames with cryptocurrency through the Ethereum Name Service.

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