Dr. Ali Bahadri Jahormi said today in the gathering of Qom University students. The 13th government has never cut off the Internet And only some messengers are restricted.

Ali Bahadri Jahormi Referring to the internet disruptions caused by the recent incidents, he stated: “The 13th government never shut down the internet, but some specific messengers were filtered, while the government used to shut down the entire internet before similar incidents and did not make any exceptions.”

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The 13th government has never cut off the Internet

On Tuesday, Ali Bahadri Jahormi said to the students of Qom University: “Our country is lagging behind the usual progress of the world, despite all its internal capacities, due to internal mismanagement and the setbacks of dictatorship and monarchy.” He stated:

After the revolution, the regional rivals and powerful countries of the world prevented the comprehensive progress of the country by imposing various combined wars; The essence of dictatorship is that by creating a media voice, it does not allow internal developments to be introduced and explained.

The 13th government has never cut off the internet; the controversial claim of the government spokesperson!
Government spokesperson: The 13th government has never cut off the internet

He pointed to Iran’s 15th position in science production He said: “Iran ranks fourth in the country in the field of nanotechnology, also in engineering sciences, Iran ranks tenth, and pharmaceuticals ranks eighth in the world.” Bahadri Jahormi stated:

Out of a total of 3,200,000 students, more than 50% of them are women, which shows that women in Iran have full freedom to progress, but the media dictatorship does not allow these issues to be discussed.

He went on to say: “The enemy is afraid of forming such circles for questioning between people and officials and wants to marginalize it; The enemy is afraid of a government that has something to say and defend its performance. In response to a student’s question about how justice is administered in the 13th government, the government spokesperson said:

Reforming the subsidy system and differentiating between rich and retired people in the payment of subsidies is a case of the justice-oriented approach of the established government.

Bahadri Jahormi continued: “The last three deciles of the society, which includes more than 24 million people of the country’s population, receive monthly subsidies of 400 thousand tomans, whereas before these subsidies were given to middlemen and importers of goods.” . He also stated: When the government took office when the dollar rate was more than 25 thousand tomans; The change in the exchange rate of the dollar by the United States has been one of the important factors in increasing the exchange rate over the past year.

Bahadri Jahormi stated that if the country’s economic growth continues for 10 years, the country’s situation will return to its previous routine. added:

According to official national and international statistics, the country’s economic growth in the 90s was close to zero percent, while the country’s economic growth has been close to 5 percent in the past year.

Referring to the reason for the internet shutdown after the recent incidents, Bahadri Jahormi stated: “The 13th government has never shut down the internet, but some specific messengers were filtered, while the government used to shut down all the internet before similar incidents and exceptional He did not agree.” He continued:

Why does Instagram remove Sardar Soleimani’s photo, but it easily broadcasts Molotov cocktail training, tearing of a soldier’s throat and other violent images? This social network operates under the control of the American dictatorship.

Bahadri Jahormi said: “The Islamic Republic will stand against the media dictatorship ruling on Instagram and other media fed by Saudi and British dollars. For us, there is no difference between the media dictatorship of the West and the East.” He stated:

The slogan of woman, life, freedom, and man, homeland and settlement is also the slogan of the government and supports it; The government agrees against any media and economic dictatorship to make its nation’s voice heard in the world arena, but it does not agree with disorder in any matter.

He also pointed to the students’ slogan in support of former Iranian national team player Ali Karimi and said: “He can return to the country, no one has a problem with him; The media dictatorship does not allow the voice of reality to even reach the ears of the athletes. Bahadri Jahormi said: I will personally follow up on any possible problems that may arise after the students’ questions.

Bahadri Jahormi continued: We are against the media dictatorship and shutting down the voices of critics, questioning, healthy and peaceful protests as befits Iranians, and we consider both of them to be double-edged swords. We don’t allow Imam Rahel’s ideal of independence and freedom to go to extremes.

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