Instagram is testing Ability to schedule posts and rails Is. In this case, users can publish their posts and rails according to the desired schedule without using third-party programs.

Owners of large social networks like Instagram try to keep their users every time with the updates they make and try to attract more audiences by creating more features. Instagram long ago Rails feature He revealed that it is not similar to the way videos are played on Tik Tok. This similarity caused people like the Kardashian sisters to object to it. Now, in the latest move, Instagram intends to Ability to schedule posts and rails add to this social network.

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Ability to schedule posts and rails

TechCrunch reports that Instagram wants permission to use Ability to schedule posts and rails after testing for some users.

However, the exact date for the implementation of the program Ability to schedule posts and Reels It has not been determined, but pictures of how this feature works have been published on Twitter. According to the published images, to use this feature, users must go to the settings page of the new post they intend to publish and select the “Schedule this post” option to specify the time and date of publication. .

Ability to schedule posts and rails

In addition to that, images have also been published that look like it Scheduled posts categorized in a new section titled “Scheduled Content” for easier access. In fact, by using this section, the user can change the schedule of his desired post again if needed.

Ability to schedule posts and rails

One of the features that Instagram added to its platform last year was that it allowed users to block, in addition to one user, all user accounts that they might want to create in the future. With the new update, in addition to the previous feature, users can block accounts that may have been created by that user in the past.

Instagram also plans Hidden Words feature to intensify what he had added last year. In this way, it filters harmful content from the comments section. The point is that this feature was able to filter up to 40% of negative comments, which will be activated in the last update of Instagram so that more creators can use its direct effects.

Previously, this feature was not active for Persian, Turkish, Russian and Bengali languages, which seems to support Persian language in the new update. In addition, Instagram plans to provide users with this feature in the United States with new conditions and investigate spam and fraud messages.

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