The latest conditions for the sale of MVM X55 without drawing a lottery in 1401 have been officially announced by Madirim Khodro. This car is sold in two versions.

Car administrators updated the conditions of sale without lottery MVMX 55 Pro a few moments ago. The car managers market this product in two versions Excellent and Excellent Sport.

Mr. Ticket

The sales representative of MVM products in the Iranian market has decided to offer the Chinese SUV, that is, the MVM x55 Pro, in two types, Excellent and Excellent Sport, without a lottery and at a special cash price for July.

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Conditions of sale of MVM X55 without lottery in 1401

In the MVMX 55 sales plan without lottery, the Excellent Sport type of this product will be sold at the price of 953 million 680 thousand Tomans and the MVMX 55 Excellent at the price of 944 million 60 thousand Tomans. The deadline for the delivery of cars is 90 days.

Terms of sale MVM X55 without draw 1401 + price

MVMX 55 is a new generation and facelifted model of Chery Tigo 4, which has recently experienced major changes in exterior and interior design by Chery.

MVM X55 is supplied with a special remote clock; which uses the remote control system of the car and allows the driver to access and control some features of this new crossover while being away from the MVM X55.

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