Twitter account attributed to TON network from Telegram’s $9 million business He announced with usernames. Interested in Specific usernames They have paid more than 9 million dollars in Telegram.

TON, which is a decentralized network based on blockchain, was developed by the team of this company. This open network has recently announced the 9 million dollar business of Telegram with a special username. Account TON network In a tweet, he announced that more than 50 famous Telegram usernames have been sold so far. Having said that, Telegram seems to have succeeded in generating new income.

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Sale of username and business of 9 million dollars of Telegram

TON open network In a tweet, he announced that users have spent 9.12 million dollars to buy special Telegram usernames. In the following, we will reveal the popular names of this platform for you! In the recent Telegram auction, Auto@ was the most popular username, which fetched $1.4 million equivalent to 900,000 Tokencoins for its buyer. Bank@, Avia@, Chat@ and FIFA@ were placed in the next ranks respectively.

Telegram's $9 million business

In addition to traditional usernames, Telegram also includes “collective usernames”. It is interesting to know that now users can participate in the auction of collectible usernames and buy their popular name by visiting the Fragment website.

It is enough to connect your Telegram account and TON wallet to the fragment website. Telegram about Fragment service security assured users. According to Telegram, the identity of users on this website, which is developed on the basis of the TON network, will remain anonymous. You can buy your favorite username with TwinCoin currency. Payments made on this website will include a 5% fee. By the way, if you are the owner of a collection username in Telegram, you can do it sale Do it in fragment.

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