WhatsApp is one of the most useful and at the same time the simplest messengers available. This app has millions of users all over the world and serves them with simplicity. If you want to have more features in this messenger, with Install WhatsApp GB from the market You face more than new possibilities. Don’t miss the continuation of the article to learn all these tricks together.

WhatsApp and GBWhatsapp relationship

If we want to examine the relationship between these two applications in general, we can say that GB WhatsApp is an unofficial version of this program that can provide you with more and more diverse features. One of the remarkable features of this application is the possibility of installing it next to the original version.

This means that these two applications do not create any restrictions in downloading and using each other. GBWhatsapp is also set exactly according to the data of the original version of this program, and the only difference between them is the variety of features that we explain below.

JB WhatsApp home page tricks

Immediately after installing and opening this program, its different atmosphere will attract your attention. On the top tab of the main page, the space of the groups you are a member of is separated from the private chats to make it easier to access each of them. This mode is very similar to the home page of unofficial versions of Telegram. Next to the logo of this program, there are three icons with various features, each of which has different uses.

1. Having multiple accounts at the same time

One of the concerns that WhatsApp users have is having multiple accounts at the same time. This possibility is not available in the original and official version of this program, and everyone can have only one account with the original version. Next to the JB WhatsApp logo, you will see a dummy with a + sign. If you choose this option, you can have several accounts with different numbers. It should be noted that if you activate any of the accounts, only notifications related to it will be shown to you.

2. Flight mode and no internet access

Sometimes you may want to be connected to the Internet, but not receive any notifications. This version has provided this possibility for you. By touching the airplane symbol at the top of the screen, this program’s access to the Internet will be completely cut off. In such cases, you can use the Internet without restrictions in your other applications; But your WhatsApp has no internet connection.

Teaching the most attractive secret tricks of WhatsApp GB

3. Night mode

The third option, which is located in the top bar and is in the shape of a crescent moon, is related to the night mode or the dark mode. By activating this option, you can darken the color of the interior of the program. This mode is often used at night and when the lights are off so that the eyes of the users do not get tired. By touching this option again, you can disable the dark mode and turn the space on again.

Becoming a ghost and secret activity

This feature can be considered as one of the most attractive features of GBWhatsapp. There is no icon or option called ghosting, instead this mode contains a set of settings that you can enable and use. To do this, you need to go to the settings section and then the security section. Here we introduce the options available in this section.

1. Freeze visits

In the original version of this program, there is a general deletion of the last visit; But with GBWhatsapp you can achieve more possibilities in this field. Freezing last scene in this section means to set your last visit to a specific time. Then every time you enter the program, your visit will not change and will remain at the same set time. In this case, no one can notice your presence in this program.

2. Seeing the view once messages several times

In the original version of WhatsApp, you can send messages that can only be seen once. These messages are known as view once. One of the secret tricks of WhatsApp GB is the ability to see these messages multiple times. For this, it is enough to activate this mode with the Anti-view once option.

3. Remove the forward label

In the settings section, it is possible for you to remove the forward label from forwarded messages. In this case, you can forward different content to your friends, without there being a sign of being forwarded on them.

4. View all deleted messages

This feature is also one of the other secret and attractive tricks of JB WhatsApp. By activating the Anti-Delete Massage option, you can see all deleted messages in your conversations. To help you distinguish deleted messages from other messages, there is a Do Not Enter option next to them. Answering these types of messages shows your other party that you have access to special features, so it is better not to do this.

Teaching the most attractive secret tricks of WhatsApp GB

5. Remove blue and gray ticks

Another WhatsApp GB setting is to remove the blue tick. For this, you need to enable the Show Blue Ticks After Reply option. In this case, you can open and read your other party’s message, but he will not notice that his message has been read. After you reply to the message, its gray tick will turn blue.

You can also enable the second gray tick, so that if you are online and receive the message, the second tick is not displayed and the other party will not notice this. It is possible for you to select your desired contacts or groups and then apply any of the following settings to them:

  • Hide the blue tick
  • Hide the second gray tick
  • Hide the blue microphone for incoming voices
  • Hide typing mark when writing text
  • Hide voice recording icon when sending voice

6. Setting the lock to enter the program

In the security section, you can define a password to enter the program. This password can be one of the types of PIN, pattern or fingerprint. In such a case, no one can enter the program except yourself and people who know the password.

GBWhatsapp Status Tricks

The tricks related to this part are literally attractive and practical. Stay with us to learn more about these secret WhatsApp GB tricks.

1. Sneak peeking of other people’s statuses

For this, you need to enter the security settings section and enable the possibility of viewing the status without being logged in. After this, you can open and view the statuses without your other party noticing. If you want to know someone whose status you have seen, just touch the two ticks at the bottom of the screen. In such a case, sinization is activated only for this situation.

2. View deleted statuses

One of the users may get angry and delete the status immediately after posting it. If you have enabled this option, you can view all deleted statuses without losing them. To find the deleted statuses, you should pay attention to the forbidden sign next to the corresponding user name.

3. Download the status of users

A situation may have caught your attention and you want to publish it too; In the original version of this program, there is no ability to download the desired status; But you can do it with JB WhatsApp. After opening the status in GB Whatsapp, you can touch the download icon in the bottom right corner of the screen; By doing this, the desired status is easily received.

JB WhatsApp private chat tricks

The tricks we introduce to you in this section are related to private chat with others.

1. Sending a thousand duplicate messages at once

This feature is actually like a friendly joke. For this, after entering the private chat page, touch the green option at the top of the screen and type the word you want in the BOOM field. Then by entering the number of times to be sent and also touching the BOOM option, this message will be sent as many times as you want.

Teaching the most attractive secret tricks of WhatsApp GB

2. Voice change

This trick is also one of the other funny and attractive features of WhatsApp Pocket. You need to tap on the three dots at the top of the screen and then touch the voice changer option. It is enough to choose one of the available sounds and then record your voice to change the sound.

3. Access to the first chat message

On the chat page with the contact you want, you can access the first chat message by pressing the three dots on the top of the screen and then selecting Go to first Massage.

4. Google search in the chat environment

Another trick is the ability to search Google in the chat environment. Instead of exiting the program and then entering the Chrome browser, it is enough to easily search for anything you want through the three dots above and then the search web option.

5. Locking the chat environment

You may not want anyone to know about your conversation on the chat page with one of your audience. In this regard, you can lock the private chat environment you want. To lock, you need to press three dots and then select lock conversation option. This lock can be PIN, pattern or fingerprint.

6. Translation of chat text

This feature helps you to easily translate all received messages in any language. Just pause on the message and then press the three dots option. By choosing the Translate option and finding the language you want, you can translate the selected messages. To have access to more languages, you can install Google Translate on your phone.

7. Hide chat

Sometimes locking is not enough and you need to hide the chat screen completely. In this case, your desired chats will be placed in a completely separate place from normal chats. To activate this feature, after entering the program, select the desired chat and touch it for a few seconds.

Then press the three dots and select the Hide option. After this, the app will ask you for a password. After entering the password, touch the Hide option again to send the selected chat to another location and hide it. To access the hidden chats, you need to touch the application logo and then enter the password.

8. Hiring a secretary

If your Whatsapp account is a business account, you can have a secretarial assistant by installing JB Whatsapp. The autoplay feature in this program allows messages to be answered at any hour of the day or night. In order to be able to use this feature, you must select the Auto reply option through the three dots. Here you can select all the messages for automatic reply or by entering a keyword, send an automatic reply only to a special category of them.

9. Planning to send messages

You can have a schedule in JB WhatsApp to send your future messages on time to avoid forgetting them. After touching the three dots at the top of the screen, you must select the Message scheduler option. Then, by specifying the desired person, the date and time of sending the message, as well as the text of the message, your planning is done.

10. Sending messages to unsaved numbers

In the original version of the program, you must first save each person’s number so that you can send them a message; But GB Whatsapp has provided the places where you can send messages to different people without saving the number. In this regard, it is enough to press the three-dot icon and then select the message a number option.

11. Choosing a colorful theme and font

You can get away from the boring and repetitive theme in JB WhatsApp and create a personalized theme for yourself. There are different themes in this program that you can easily choose and use. Changing the text font is also one of the features of this program.

12. Change the GBWhatsapp icon:

By changing the icon, no one will notice that you are using this program and you can use it safely.


WhatsApp is one of the most useful and attractive messengers available, which has many users from all over the world. When you use this program, you will notice some shortcomings in its capabilities. So that these shortcomings are not annoying, you can use the unofficial version of this program called GB WhatsApp and get various features. Secret chat, mood mode, changing the font and theme of the program, disabling the blue and gray ticks, etc. are some of the features of this program that we explained in detail in the previous parts.

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