It seems that the issue of paying taxes cannot be solved for many business owners and guilds, and now Startup tax problemTheI see has also been added to them.

Tax is a social cost that the government collects from a person or company in exchange for providing a suitable platform for business development. The importance of the tax has increased since Iran’s oil exports were limited as a result of sanctions, which has caused dissatisfaction among many businesses and trade unions. Problem Startup tax It is also one of the issues that has been given attention recently.

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What does the law say about the tax problem of startups?

Whether the tax law favors startups or supports these businesses is a question that we must go to the regulations related to these businesses to answer. According to the current laws, the tax collected from startups is just like other trades and businesses, and the law is here! It treats everyone equally.

Due to the importance given by the government and parliament to startup activities and its placement in the five-year budget and development laws, it was expected that financial exemptions would be considered for this category of businesses, but it seems that the tax affairs organization like Other traditional activities and businesses are busy auditing the tax files of startup companies, which can be considered as Tax problem of startups considered

The issue of startups is clearly mentioned in the annual budget law and the development program law, but so far only one regulation has been approved to support these businesses, which is not effective in practice.

Including Startup tax problem We can refer to the same regulation that was approved in 2018. This regulation, which is said to be approved in support of startups, is only possible for startups that are located in accelerators to be issued a tax ID as a group.

But this is not possible. Because issuing two tax codes at the same time for two companies located in the same place has limitations and is not publicly possible. The same thing Startup tax problem It is considered based in one place and it causes when the discussion Financial exemptions It means that rules and laws should be audited in the same traditional way as other businesses.

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