Pregnant mothers watch out for the increase Vitamin B12 and B9 be because Autism risk With excessive consumption of these vitamins, it increases up to 3 times.

A new study shows that Autism risk In babies whose mother’s body B12 and B9 It is higher than other babies. According to this study, a high level of vitamin B9 (more than 4 times the normal level) during pregnancy can Autism risk increase in the baby up to 3 times.

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Autism risk

Folic acid is one of Types of vitamin B It is the synthetic form of folate found in breads, fortified foods, and dietary supplements. Folate refers to vitamin B9, which is abundant in dark green leafy vegetables. And cobalamin or vitamin B12 is found in animal sources such as animal meat, dairy and eggs.

The existence of these two vitamins for Fetal development are very important. Because their deficiency in the pregnant mother will cause problems for her child in the future such as anemia and neural tube defects such as spina bifida.

However, the result of a study shows that a high amount of folate (more than 4 times the normal level) during pregnancy increases the risk of autism in babies up to three times.

Autism risk

Also, being too much Vitamin B12 It also increases the risk of autism in babies up to 3 times. If the level of these two vitamins is high, the risk of autism can increase 17.6 times. According to this instruction, women should consume 400 micrograms of folic acid daily during pregnancy and before conception so that their child does not suffer from birth defects. This research by Professor M. Daniel Fallon is published. He says:

Adequate supplementation provides protection, but the situation is different for folic acid.

Decreased vitamin B12 levels In pregnant mothers, it is very harmful for the development of their children. But the result of this research shows that its excessive increase will also harm the child.

We need to aim for optimal levels of this important nutrient. Despite the importance of B9 and B12, a quarter of women of reproductive age in the United States are still deficient.

The results showed that low and high levels of folate are related to autism, a neurodevelopmental disorder whose symptoms include repetitive or abnormal behaviors, social impairments, and abnormal communication. This study showed: “6 percent of pregnant women have vitamin B12 levels in their blood of more than 600 pmol/liter, and 10 percent have high vitamin B9, which is more than 59 nmol/liter.”

The World Health Organization announced:

The normal range for folate is between 13.5 and 45.3 nmol/L in the first trimester of pregnancy, but there is still no specific range for vitamin B12.

The researchers believe that eating too many foods fortified with folic acid and taking too many supplements could be the reason some of the participants had such high levels in their blood. This study was published in the journal Pediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology.

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