Company Synonymsunveiled his wallet. Synonym digital currency wallet It uses Bitcoin cryptographic keys to create Slashtags protocol keys.

Synonym, a provider of Bitcoin and Lightning network services, from BitKit wallet unveiled BitKit is a Bitcoin mobile wallet developed by Synonym for both Android and iOS systems.

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Synonym digital currency wallet launch

Synonym digital currency wallet It has various key features. Among these features, we can mention the creation of portable social profiles, dynamic and paid contacts, various data feeds and web accounts without the need for passwords.

Synonym digital currency wallet It uses Bitcoin cryptographic keys to generate keys for the company’s new protocol called Slashtags. Slashtags allows users to take control of their data. This protocol does not require blockchain.

The SlashTags protocol has uncensored profiles, auto-updating contacts, prioritizing payments, password-free authentication, and other key features.

BitKit wallet features

According to Paolo Ardoino, CEO of Synonym, Bitkit Not an ordinary bitcoin app. Synonym team has managed to develop their wallet to the next level with beautiful design and innovative features.

Slash tags protocol It is open-source and modular. This feature allows the ecosystem to be widely available to developers. Synonym company has also provided a software development kit along with its digital currency wallet. Developers will be able to simulate Slashtag applications using this kit.

Synonym digital currency wallet started working!

John Carvalho, CEO Synonyms, said, “As more people hand over control of their data to big tech companies, we felt the need to create open source alternatives. The Slashtags protocol will bring more freedom to users.”

John Carvalho introduced Synonym’s two new initiatives at the recent PlanB conference. Pear is a tokenized credit system for assets, products and services. The Blocktank Instant feature also allows exchanges and cryptocurrency wallet service providers to quickly onboard users to the Lightning network.

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