The managing director of the Bodily Damage Fund said that 41% of the fund’s projects are related to the Pride car, which is an amazing record of Pride damage to the insurance industry is considered.

When pride, as a car! stepped into the Iranian car market, few people thought that the number of people killed by this vehicle was from the statistics The dead of the Mongol attack go further Of course, considering the amount of production and the quality level of this product and the amount of traffic in the country, this amount of killing was not far from expected.

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The fact cannot be hidden that the Pride car is always a constant source of accidents in the country; Because in addition to the low quality, many of these cars were built in the past years and are usually not equipped with ABS braking systems or airbags. For this reason, the number of people killed and financial damage is very high, and compensation is the responsibility of the insurance company.

According to Mehdi Qomsarian, CEO of the Bodily Damage Fund, 41% of the fund’s resources are related to Pride car driving accidents. If we want to judge fairly, this amount of damage can be provided somehow Pride damage to the insurance industry considered

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Pride damage to the insurance industry

Mehdi Qomsarian, CEO of the Personal Damage Fund in Rastai Pride damage to the insurance industry He says: “From 1395 to 1400, the Pride car has been at the top of the insurance fund’s claims with more than 7,000 cases.”

He continues the discussion Pride damage to the insurance industry adds:

The number of cases in which Pride was involved as the vehicle that caused the accident in 1400 has increased by 193% compared to 2015.

Qamsarian also mentioned that in the cases filed in the last five years, Peugeot 405 has 4,210 cases and 1,806 cases are related to Samand car. He added: “Pars car with 1,725 ​​cases, Peugeot 206 with 1,519 cases, and Pikan with 1,66 cases are in the next ranks. Meanwhile, Pikan is placed in the sixth category of cases filed in the bodily damage fund, and cars such as Peugeot 405 and 206 and Samand have a much higher standard than Pikan in terms of declared safety indicators.

Referring to Article 48 of the Compulsory Third Party Insurance Law, Mehdi Qomsarian stated that the implementation of preventive measures to reduce vehicle insurance evasion requires the cooperation of relevant organizations and institutions such as the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, the police force and the judicial system. “Not issuing and renewing fuel cards, as well as allocating fuel quotas for vehicles without third-party insurance policies, is considered one of the legal ways to encourage third-party insurance policies and prevent the spread of insurance evasion.”

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