Monitor cryptocurrency mining with power outages Done. In line with this issue, Tawanir company creates new limits for high-consumption subscribers.

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Tawanir Co To monitor electricity consumption, it installs smart meters for customers who consume a lot of electricity. With this method, cryptocurrency mining is also supposed to be monitored.

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Monitor cryptocurrency mining with power outages

Tawaniz company for Power consumption control will install smart meters for high electricity consumers. These meters evaluate the amount of electricity usage and cut off the electricity flow to prevent excessive consumption.

Monitor cryptocurrency mining with power outages

The managing director of Tavanir Company says: We have signed a contract of 4.5 million tomans for the installation of smart control for high-consumption subscribers. This project is under implementation. According to this plan, electricity consumption will be evaluated and after this process, the electricity of high consumption customers will be cut off.

Arash Kordi said: This plan is in the implementation stage and we have planned plans for this sector for the year 1402. The contract for this project has been finalized and will be implemented in 1402.

He says: Installing a smart electricity meter For two million subscribers or at least one million and 100 subscribers, it will be done by next year. This plan will be implemented seriously for high consumption customers. With the help of implementing this plan, the obstacle Unauthorized power consumption for cryptocurrencies We will be courier in time.

Arash Kurdi pointed to the memorandum signed jointly with Satkab company in line with this issue and said: in the context Smartening the power grid We will cooperate with satcab company. According to this memorandum, Satkab company should develop and create a smart chain in the electricity industry. The smartening process includes the provision of smart electricity meters, modems, installation and commissioning, and the creation of necessary ICT infrastructure.

According to the Kurdish statement, according to this memorandum, Tovanir Company is also committed to cooperate with Satkab Company in technical and economic fields. The purpose of this cooperation is to fulfill the goals of the memorandum and to grant the license to use the physical infrastructure of the power grid in order to build the optical fiber telecommunication infrastructure network and commercial use of this network.

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