The subsidy payment date was announced in September 1401. In addition, it seems that the subsidy will be paid in cash this month due to the lack of necessary infrastructure.

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Although the government decided to implement the Kalaberg plan from September, it seems that there is no necessary infrastructure for this, and the Subsidy Targeting Organization has announced that the cash subsidy will be paid this month.

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Subsidy deposit time is September 1401

A long time ago, the government implemented a plan that by removing the preferred currency, the subsidy of 300 and 400 thousand tomans was replaced by the subsidy of 45 thousand tomans. However, after a short time again the government of the plan Kalaberg Instead of cash subsidy, he spoke.

Initially, the coupon was supposed to be used for the implementation of this project, and its implementation time was postponed to September. But now that there is not much time left until the subsidy is paid and it is supposed to be paid on the 20th of Shahrivar, it has been announced that the subsidies will be in cash this month as well and there is no news of Kalaberg.

The head of the Program and Budget Organization has announced the revision of the cash subsidy and this indicates the continuation of the cash subsidy payment process. However, the Subsidy Targeting Organization said that it was unaware of this issue and that such an issue is not currently on the agenda.

Subsidy deposit time in September 1401 Subsidy deposit time in September 1401

According to the deciles, the 10th decile (except for the disabled people of this group) is not eligible to receive cash subsidies, but some rumors say that the subsidy of the 10th decile disabled people is going to be removed. Of course, the head of the country’s welfare organization denied this rumor and said that he has not received a report about it yet.

Although this plan has many opponents, the Minister of Economy has announced Removal of cash subsidy and definite return of goods Is. According to Tejarat News, some audience members were against this plan. Some comments are below:

“Please be cash. In a month, everyone just wants to buy rice and oil, and they have no other expenses? I have to pay the school doctor’s money to rent the house.”

“Subsidy is optional. Anyone who wants to buy a store, anyone who needs to withdraw cash to rent a house or…

Finally, it should be seen what decision the government makes despite these oppositions and the lack of necessary infrastructure to implement its plan.

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