Jeeran is one of the most popular home show series these days. Now Filmo has announced the suspension of Jiran series by publishing a news.

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By publishing an official statement, Filmo announced the suspension of the Jeeran series, and according to this platform, the 24th episode of Jeeran will not be published until the court order is determined.

What is the reason for stopping Jiran series?

In its statement, Filmo announced the reason for stopping the broadcast of this popular series due to legal disputes between the producer and director of Jiran and Ahoy Man Maral series.

In fact, following the complaint of a private plaintiff in terms of violation of literary and artistic property and based on the court order, the continuation of the broadcast of this series has been stopped and the continuation of the series will be possible only by respecting the literary property.

The creators of the Ahoy Man Maral series have protested and complained about the copy of the story from the producers of Jiran. In fact, both of these series are about Naseruddin Shah, who does not have a good reputation in history.

Jiran serial broadcast stopped by court order

Therefore, Filmo considers itself obliged to obey the court order and will not broadcast this series until the dispute between the parties is resolved. The fans of this series have no choice but to hope that these disputes will be resolved soon.

It should be noted that Jiran was acquitted of this complaint once before, but this time it was stopped by a court order.

Jiran series depicts the love story of the life of Naser al-Din Shah, one of the Persian kings, along with Sugli of his harem. This series goes back to the reign of Naser al-Din Shah and narrates the days when the young Naser al-Din Shah recently issued an order to kill his beloved chancellor Amir Kabir, and due to this order, the court, the harem, the government and the country underwent important changes.

In this situation, Naseruddin Shah meets Jeeran and this is the beginning of a love affair. The total episodes of this series depict about 6 years of the life of Naseruddin Shah and Jeeran for the audience.

In this series, Bahram Radan, Parinaz Izdiyar, Maryla Zarei, Amirhossein Fathi, Amir Jafari, Roya Timourian, Mehdi Pakdel, Rana Azadivar, Kataneh Afsharanjad, Setare Pasiani, Ghazal Shakri, Morteza Ismail Kashi, Homan Barq Noord, Mehdi Koshki and other actors. have played a role

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