Stop selling Twitter paid blue ticks announced. Apparently, the idea of ​​getting a monthly subscription to Twitter’s blue service to get a blue tick is dead.

Stop selling Twitter paid blue ticks It was announced following the increase in the number of fake accounts. The blue tick was previously used to authenticate different faces in various fields, such as politicians, celebrities, journalists and other public figures who were validated by this means.

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Stop selling Twitter paid blue ticks

Stop selling Twitter paid blue ticks At Blue Twitter service It was announced today following the mushrooming of fake accounts. blue tick Previously, it was reserved for the user accounts of politicians, celebrities, journalists and other public figures and confirmed their identity. But Blue Tick is now available as an option for the Twitter Blue service at a monthly subscription fee of eight dollars for all users to help increase the revenue of the social network company at the same time as advertisers leave Twitter.

Stop selling Twitter paid blue ticks
Stop selling Twitter paid blue ticks

The disruption is part of two weeks of chaos on Twitter since the company’s acquisition by Elon Musk It is worth 44 billion dollars. Mask Half of Twitter’s employees were laid off and dismissed the directors and senior officials of the board of directors and about the possibility of bankruptcy twitter has warned The US Federal Trade Commission announced last Thursday that it is watching Twitter with deep concern.

Several users reported on Friday that the new subscription option for the authentication tick had disappeared, and a source told Reuters:

This service has been discontinued for now. But Twitter did not comment on this.

Since the money supply blue tick, fake accounts pretending to be big brands including Tesla, SpaceX, Roblox, Nestlé and Lockheed Martin have appeared on Twitter. Support account twitter He announced in a tweet on Friday:

“To combat impersonation, the platform has added an ‘Official’ label to some user accounts.”

This label was introduced last Wednesday, but was canceled hours later by Elon Musk. Pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly apologized in a tweet after a fake account posted a message announcing insulin would be free amid political outcry and scrutiny over the drug’s high price, writing:

We apologize to those who received a misleading message from a fake LiLi account.

Stop selling Twitter paid blue ticks
Stop selling Twitter paid blue ticks

A number of misleading tweets from an account with blue tick It was published with the same profile picture as Tesla. AJ Bauer, a professor at the University of Alabama, said about this: “Twitter has tried to fight the spread of false information for many years, and it seems that Elon Musk Within a few weeks, it has nullified the effort.”

Elon Musk has announced:

Users who impersonate will face the permanent ban of their account without warning. Fake accounts of brands including Nintendo and BP have been blocked.

Elon Musk In the first email sent last Thursday to employees twitter “If Twitter can’t increase subscription revenue to compensate for declining ad revenue, it won’t be able to survive the economic downturn ahead,” Fass said.

Many companies, including General Motors and United Airlines, have stopped advertising on Twitter since Musk bought it, according to a Reuters report.

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