After the president’s speech last night, the Subsidies Targeting Organization announced the latest status of the July 1401 subsidy payment and the situation of the survivors and protesters.

Spokesperson for the Targeted Subsidies Organization, on the latest status of subsidies Survivors and protesters of July 1401 It is said that we had about 2.5 million people left over from the Tir subsidy, and according to the Ministry of Welfare, a number of these groups were in the first to ninth deciles at the discretion of the Ministry of Welfare.

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Status of subsidy payment July 1401

In another part of her speech, Tayyeba Hosseini said that these people have been introduced by the Ministry of Welfare to the Targeted Subsidies Organization to be included in the list of subsidy recipients. Hosseini added:

In addition, of these 2.5 million people, some of whom, according to the Ministry of Welfare, are included in the tenth income. Under the preferential currency reform program, this group of citizens is not entitled to a living subsidy, but reserves the right to file a complaint and reconsider.

Status of subsidy payment July 1401;  Read the survivors and protesters

Ms. Hosseini about reviewing the request Protesters of subsidies in July 1401 He also said that it is the responsibility of the Ministry of Welfare to process these requests, and with the president emphasizing last night, it is expected that the Ministry of Welfare will provide the organization with the names of the protesters eligible for the subsidy as soon as possible. Hosseini continued:

It is the responsibility of the Ministry of Welfare to consider the request of the protesters and the survivors of the subsistence subsidy, and the Targeted Subsidies Organization pays the subsistence subsidy only in accordance with the list provided by the Ministry of Welfare.

Hosseini also said that due to the fact that the subsidy payment period is the twentieth of each month, the situation of the protesters and the survivors will be determined by this date. In the meantime, those whose protest is not acceptable still have the right to register the protest.

Ms. Hosseini also stressed for the second time that the organization did not send any text messages to anyone about receiving cash subsidies, and as a result, citizens should be wary of profiteers and philanthropic text messages.

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