According to PeckShield, Cryptocurrency scams It is increasing day by day. In October 2022, about $3 billion in digital assets were stolen.

Blockchain security company PeckShield statistics Cryptocurrency scams of 2022 shared on Halloween night. About 100 million dollars It has been returned from the stolen sums.

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Statistics of cryptocurrency scams in 2022

According to the latest published statistics, Record More Crypto Scams in 2022 belongs to the month of October; For this reason, many people assigned the name of Hacktober to this month.

On October 31, blockchain security firm PeckShield released a frightening statistic on the amount of stolen crypto assets. Fraudsters stole an estimated $2.98 billion in digital assets in October, according to data from PackShield. This is almost double the amount of stolen assets in all of 2021.

In October, there were about 44 cryptocurrency thefts from 53 crypto protocols. Abusers made about $760 million in one month; However, 100 million dollars of these assets were eventually returned.

After October, March was the second most profitable month for cryptocurrency hackers. Fraudsters stole an estimated $710 million in assets this month. Most of the abuses have been done by Ronin Bridge. The Ronin hack transferred about $625 million of users’ assets into the pockets of fraudsters.

Crypto Scams of October

Cryptocurrency scams

According to PeckShield, the biggest exploit of October goes back to the BNB chain. This chain resulted in a profit of 586 million dollars for the fraudsters. Binance Smart Chain China is the second protocol listed on the Mango Markets DeFi marketplace.

According to Rekt database DeFiYield, several other notable exploits took place in October. One of the most important hacking operations in October is the FreeWay crypto yield platform. In this rogue money operation, 60 million dollars of users’ assets were stolen. The Transit Swap project lost about $29 million, Team Finance lost about $13 million, and Moola Market lost about $9 million.

The most popular crypto scams

DeFiYield published statistics on crypto scams on November 1. The organization claims that users lost around $1 billion to crypto scams in October. The most popular fraud methods include rogue-likes, Ponzi schemes, and outright scams.

15 of the 35 DeFiYield hacking attacks were rug pulls. According to reports, in total About 890 million dollars Recovered from stolen crypto funds in 2022.

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