While there is still no news of Starlink internet supply for countries like Iran with many internet problems, there is news of the provision Starlink Internet in Antarctica it is arrived.

Despite the fierce competition that it had with OneWeb in the field of Internet coverage of the North Pole and other polar regions, SpaceX has now gone to the other pole of the earth and supported Satellite Internet for Antarctica has offered

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Starlink Internet in Antarctica

The National Science Foundation of the United States, or NFS for short, is busy testing one of these days Starlink Internet terminals It’s at McMurdo Station in Antarctica to bring Starlink satellite internet to Antarctica. According to this foundation, the increase in bandwidth will greatly help scientists who are engaged in research about this continent.

McMurdo is a research base owned by the United States in Antarctica and the most populated station in this continent, where more than a thousand people live. McMurdo already connected satellite Internet but its 17 Mbps connection had limitations for residents.

Starlink Internet was activated in South Pole!

It is interesting to know that people in this base are prohibited from using programs that require high bandwidth such as Netflix, making cloud backups and video calls and can only have a meeting on Skype once a week.

Of course, now and with the provision of satellite internet for Antarctica, the residents of the McMurdo base are not going to be able to watch Netflix freely, because these satellite internet terminals still provide a speed of 50 to 200 megabits, which is not very high speed.

However, it should not be overlooked that thanks to Starlink InternetIt will be easier to transfer important scientific data outside of Antarctica. A spokesperson for the National Science Foundation of America stated that this system is currently in the beta stage and he cannot provide further explanations about its use at the moment. SpaceX also responded by retweeting the National Science Foundation and announced that:

Starlink is now available on all seven continents.

The company explained that the presentation Satellite Internet in remote areas Because Antarctica is made possible by the space laser network. Of course, we are currently far from the time when Starlink Internet covers all countries and continents, but SpaceX is trying to provide satellite Internet in at least two countries from each continent, for example, Nigeria, by the end of this year. and Mozambique in Africa or Japan and the Philippines in Asia.

What is painful is that, despite SpaceX’s efforts to develop satellite Internet services, still Iran It has no place in the plans of this company and there is no news of providing satellite internet for Iranians.

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