Studies by Belgian and Italian researchers indicate that Starlink Internet supports game and streaming services. Based on new tests and studies conducted by Belgian and Italian experts, we see that Starlink Internet supports game and streaming services.

According to these reports, Starlink satellite internet provides the necessary platforms in the field of delay suitable for NVIDIA GeForce Now computer games service.

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Starlink internet support for game and streaming services

The researchers evaluated the Starlink network performance with several parameters, such as service delay, data transfer rate, and web browser performance that are used on a daily basis.

The results of these studies show The superiority of Starlink in the field of satellite internet services It is in Belgium and continental Europe. In addition, according to the investigations, the delay of this service is consistent with the network delay announced by SpaceX, and its data transmission performance is also compatible with terrestrial wired and cable internet. This research has been done by setting up three similar computers.

Starlink internet support for game and streaming services

Each of these computers were connected to the Internet and their own servers. These computers receive internet, one from Starlink service and the other from another satellite internet service whose name was not mentioned. The third computer was also connected to the UCLouvain University network in Belgium using an Ethernet adapter.

Then this research team managed to calculate different delays by calculating round trip time (RTT). Regarding the definition of network delay, it should be said that it is the length of time that information goes from the user’s computer and then returns. This delay has a significant impact on streaming, real-time and live applications such as video games and video calls. In this research, the research team started testing different network bandwidth loads with three scenarios.

Starlink internet support for game and streaming services

As a result of the first scenario, when the bandwidth and network load were close to zero, the delay in the Starlink service was calculated to be 46 to 52 milliseconds. It is interesting to know that the lowest delay of 20.5 milliseconds was recorded in this test. In the second scenario, the network bandwidth load was 100 MB and the average delay was 95 milliseconds, and in the third scenario, a delay of 50 milliseconds was observed by testing the traffic consumption of gaming and video calls. According to this research, Maximum latency less than 80 milliseconds Reportedly required by NVIDIA GeForce Now cloud gaming service.

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