Maybe you have a question about how to Installation and commissioning of Starlink the payment; If you have a Starlink terminal, it’s not as difficult as it sounds.

One of the important goals for Installation and setup of Starlink Internet And satellite internet services are the ease of access in places where fiber lines and cellular networks are not laid, or you may live in a country that loosens and tightens the internet valve. So, in such situations you need something like: Starlink!

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How much does it cost to install Starlink?

when for Installation of Starlink Internet When you sign up, you won’t sign an equipment lease like you would with a traditional cable company, for example. Instead, you pre-purchase the Starlink kit (hardware), which is also relatively expensive (something like $599, plus $50 handling fee) – which makes things more complicated if we want to bring this to Iran, but the advantage of Starlink is, Failure to install equipment is frequent.

If you have come here and want to Installation and commissioning of Starlink Apply, you will also need to spend about $110 per month for its software and profile services. Unfortunately, there is no long-term contract at the moment, but you can cancel or extend it at any time if needed. However, there are rumors that Starlink Internet in the geographical region of Iran does not require the purchase of a profile.

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Starlink Installation: What’s in the Kit?

Everything you need to connect will be in this package: a Starlink dish, a dish holder and a Wi-Fi router unit. Also, a 23 meter long power cable and wire to connect the router to the dish. More accessories are available including; Longer cable and holder stand and adapters to connect to other standard Ethernet.

Starlink installation
Installation and commissioning of Starlink

The contents of the box provide the user with very simple instructions without any text (if we ignore the small text of the URL to the Starlink site, of course). But this page will not bring you special details. For example, the dish rod is placed in the location of the tripod holder, but you must connect the first strand of the tripod cable to the dish rod.

This cable has two ends at the end, the characteristics of each end are the same, but their connection places have different shapes. Therefore, it makes it very simple for the user to connect directly to the dish, and finally to the base unit. As far as we know, all ports are dust and water resistant.

The setup process is very quick (it doesn’t take long at least to get the connections set up after opening the box) but positioning the dish for optimal performance takes a bit longer.

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Unboxing the Starlink kit

Starlink installation

At the first encounter with the contents of the Starlink box, you will see little furniture: only the instructions for setting up the Starlink receiving dish, the base, the Wi-Fi router, and the 23-meter cable to connect the dish to the router will be in front of your eyes.

Starlink installation

The image you see is the new version Starlink dishes are rectangular, but the original version is circular.

Starlink installation

The router is in the box with the power cable, but the dish does not need this power cable; Because it only provides a cable to connect to electricity and data.

Starlink installation
Router in Starlink installation

The Starlink Wi-Fi router is the key to your new fast internet connection, providing you with internet at home. You should follow the same guidelines for placing standard Wi-Fi routers to find a good connection point for your router.

Starlink installation

At the bottom there are two connections: one for power and one for connecting to the Starlink dish. There are no other Ethernet ports for wired connections. And instead of the multiple flashing lights you see on a standard cable modem, Starlink Wi-Fi router It has only one indicator that shows you the router is on/off. And it’s not even visible on the front of the device – which is at the bottom, next to the cable connection. If you want to check that your Starlink system is online, you need to use the mobile smartphone app (for Android and iOS).

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How to start Starlink?

Starlink installation

Dish, base and cable assembly in Starlink installation and operation

Once you’ve unpacked your Starlink kit, you’ll need to assemble the dish and mounting base. Get started by disconnecting the connecting cable from the dish: see that connecting cable that goes to the plug? Well, you have to unplug it to put the dish rod into its mounting base.

Starlink installation

Then, place the dish rod in the mounting base. Be careful to match the groove on the rod with the corresponding rail inside the base.

Starlink installation

Once the rod is in place, connect the 23m interface cable with the straight plug connector. As mentioned, the two ends of the cable use connectors of different shapes, so it is as easy as possible to determine the connection point.

Starlink installation

Be sure to push the cable connector enough to make a good connection. When the plug is properly inserted into the outlet, you should hear a distinct click, like a mouse click!

Positioning for the dish

The next step is to install and place the assembled dish for optimal reception of satellite data.

Starlink installation

You can do a good positioning using the Starlink program. This software is an interactive tool that helps you find the right position for a new dish and confirm the quality of its connection, and the instructions are simple enough that you can easily find the best position.

Starlink installation

For this, you need a clear, unobstructed sky, meaning at least 100 degrees of open space above and around the dish. A large strip of clear sky is necessary because the dish does not maintain a fixed orientation; Although you install it in one place, the dish has a motor and adjusts itself to maintain a connection with passing satellites.

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Setting up the dish in Starlink installation

After scanning and confirming your position, it’s your turn Installing the dish arrives. Just put the base of the dish on the ground; But maybe not all of you have the outdoor space I’m talking about, or live in a neighborhood where you can’t park your $600 dish in the yard. Well, it all depends on you!

The mounting base includes holes in each base for secure screwing. You can use them to attach the base to a ceiling or fixed structure as well as to attach it to the ground. The kit does not include screws, you need to provide them yourself. For alternative mounting options, such as on a pole or your older set of satellite dishes, you only need to purchase an additional adapter.

Starlink installation

If you’re worried about the weather, especially snow and ice, the Starlink dish has an internal element that senses the freezing point and instantly heats up to remove any frost on the surface of the dish.

Connect the cable!

Once the dish is in position, you need to run the cable to the router. For most users, this means running cables indoors.

Starlink installation

Personally, I routed the cable in through an open window for the initial setup: it’s a simple (and temporary) fix, which is the installer’s job. Other options are also available, such as drilling holes in the outer wall! That is, once you have the cable in your house, you just need to connect it to the Wi-Fi router. Like home ADSL routers.

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What is the speed of Starlink with all this?

After completing all these steps, you must have access to the Internet, if you don’t, check the steps again from the beginning. Just note that the promised speeds may not be available immediately. After startup, it may take up to 12 hours for the Starlink system to reach optimal performance.

During that time, the system Latest drivers Download and Nearby satellites It scans and maps and calculates the optimal positions for communication with various satellites above your head. All of these connections are set automatically, so you don’t have to worry about constantly changing your settings.

Installation and commissioning of Starlink
Installation and commissioning of Starlink

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