The new generation of Sony consoles was introduced more than a year ago and has been able to record significant sales figures despite the problems to date. The features of the PS5 as well as the features of the PS5 are much more extensive and extensive than the previous generation. Follow us by reviewing the PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 5 can be considered the latest product of PlayStation, in which many games are intended for users of this hardware. If you want to get acquainted with the features of PS5 and PS Five specifications, stay tuned.

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Specifications and features of PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 has the potential to make Sony win the console war once again, with a fairly complete set of proprietary games, a fast and powerful SSD, and unparalleled DualSense controller. But are these features as exciting as they seem? Check out the PlayStation 5 specs.

PS Five specifications in terms of design

Sony’s ninth-generation console, with a height of 39 cm without a stand, is the tallest console ever built, even larger than the PlayStation 3.

Apart from this high height, the subject that largely depends on taste is the design language of the console itself. Sony’s new console is designed with those curved side panels in white and black like a weird technology sent from space.

If you are interested in such complex and different designs, the PlayStation 5 will undoubtedly excite you for a long time. The white color of the console is another matter of taste. The PlayStation 5 has a bold and striking design with this piano design like black and white.

This big and special look has two drawbacks. One is that placing the PlayStation 5 in landscape mode is not easy, and the second is that there is a risk of the console falling vertically. But Sony is already thinking of a solution and has designed a special base for the console.

The design of this base is very interesting, simple and practical. To use it, simply turn the back plate to reveal the special screw, then remove the special door on the back of the console, put the base in place and tighten it with a screwdriver or even a nail.

Placing the stand in the horizontal position is even easier, and you just have to place the clamps next to the fans on the back of the console. In landscape mode, even with this stand, the PlayStation 5 slips in place with a bit of pressure, but assuming you put it in a fixed position, you don’t have to worry about that.

In front of the console we see a USB-C port with which you can charge the dual sensor. Above it is a high-speed USB-A port that you can use to connect a flash drive or any other memory.

In the thinnest part of this matte black body, there are two prominent power and eject buttons, which at first glance may be a little difficult to distinguish, and maybe it would have been better if they had a different color; But the good news is that at least the difference in size makes it easier to remember which is the power button and which is the eject button.

On the back of the console, and in a small section of the ventilated grill strips, we have two more high-speed USB-A ports, a network port, a 2.1 HDMI output, and a console power connector. Fortunately, the PlayStation 5 Power is no different from the PlayStation 4, and if it is lost or damaged, you can easily use your previous Power Console.

Technical specifications of the PlayStation 5 in terms of user interface

The interface of PS Five game console is very well designed. In this context, you can access a graphical environment in which all the available settings and high quality icons are available to you.

After launching the Sony PlayStation 5 console (PS Five), first of all, you will encounter new user interface, features and characteristics that are completely different from the PS4 user interface. The interface is much smoother and more modern in appearance than before, so the PS4 interface looks too old and slow compared to it.

The home screen of the PS5 UI is very similar to the previous one and, as before, displays your games in a horizontal row. When you go to each game, the image of that game occupies the entire PS5 background and the game’s soundtrack is played.

Also, a new Explore tab has been added to this section where you can get the latest news, information and updates related to PlayStation 5 and games. But one of the things that has changed its uses on the PS5 game console is the PlayStation button on the handle.

Pressing this button will take you to a control center where you can switch between games, see your friends, view notifications, find out how much the category is charged, and…

For all the benefits of the PlayStation Five game console, the console interface starts to shine when you run a game. If you press the PlayStation button while playing a game, the Activities menu is displayed, which is one of the important features of PS5.

For example, when you are playing Spider-Man: Miles Morales, from this menu, you can perform various side missions and challenges in the game, without having to look for them in your game world.

Perhaps the only downside to the UI is that it is not possible to suspend multiple titles on this console. In the Xbox S and X series, unlike the PlayStation 5, you can suspend multiple games at once so you no longer have to close one game and start another.

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Specifications of PS Five in terms of hardware and performance

The only problem with the PS5 hardware is its SSD. Its SSD memory is 825 GB instead of just 1 terabyte or 2 terabytes. It is clear that this decision was made to reduce the price of the console. But this means that you will soon face the problem of lack of space and will have to decide which game to keep on the hard drive.

The console has 667.2 GB of usable space, which holds approximately 16 games. Two PS5 games, such as Astro’s Playroom and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, as well as various PS4 games such as God of War and Detroit: Beyond Human. The space available on the console is much less than expected, and of course the filling depends on the games you install.

You can upgrade the console’s internal memory, but the problem is that Sony has locked this feature when it launches. The good news is that you can connect your external hard drive and SSD to the console via a USB port, but you can’t experience the same loading speed as your console hard drive.

For example, the loading time of Marvel’s Spider-Man game has been reduced from 15-20 seconds to less than 1 second. In the future, some titles will run at 4K resolution and 120 frames per second, and even games with lower graphics can run up to 8k at 60 frames.

Most games have the ability to implement 4K resolution or 30 or 60 frames per second when performance mode is enabled. Many of them support HDR capability and with it you can have better color quality and contrast.

Although not all games have these features when the console is released, many of them must be run in Performance Mode, which prioritizes higher frame rates over graphics and higher resolution. For some console gamers, the high frame rate is very valuable.

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دوال سنس

Dual Sense is without a doubt one of the biggest features of the PS5. Not only in design, but also in the technologies used, Dual Sense has experienced a great change compared to Dual Shock 4.

The DualShock 4 had good design improvements over its predecessor, but some still knew the ergonomics of the Xbox controllers better. The first thing that stands out in the face of dual sense is the wide change in design and ergonomics.

The handle is now larger and bulkier to reduce the feeling of tiredness in the long run. The weight of the handle is a bit more than its previous generation, and its design language is such that the user has to use four fingers (index and middle fingers of each hand) to use it.

Dual Sense in key layout is not much different from Dual Shock 4 and uses the same familiar layout as before. The Options and Create keys (formerly the Share key) are located on either side of the touchpad. The display displays of the handle have also been moved from the top of the touchpad to the right and left and below it to increase the visual appeal even more.

The keys L1 and R1 are now slightly larger and we see the distance between them and the triggers (keys L2 and R2) disappear. Another notable design change is the addition of a microphone and a mute key to the handle.

The audio input is located at the bottom of the handle, slightly above the 3.5 mm jack port. This helps gamers to talk to their friends without a headset and with headphones without a microphone.

Sony has tried a completely different experience of using them by installing a special engine in each of the triggers (L2 and R2). The force required to press these keys varies from game to game and from situation to situation.

Vibration motors are used in game categories to provide feedback on game conditions. Increasing the accuracy of these motors can have a significant impact on the experience; Where Sony is focused. Thanks to the use of hepatic vibration feedback engines (similar to the ones used on the iPhone), DualSense offers an extraordinary experience in this area that you have to experience for yourself.

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PlayStation 5 sound quality

Among the features of PS5 is 3D Tempest Audio technology, which is Sony’s replacement for Dolby Atmos. This technology is compatible with any headset, and thanks to the latest update, TV speakers now also support this feature.

This technology allows the console to deliver 3D sound to your ears in some games, so you can better detect the direction of the sound than stereo sound.

This feature is one of the features of the PS5 game console (PS5) that has a lot of potential and applications, but at the moment it is not as interesting as Sony is maneuvering on it.

The success of this feature, like other PlayStation 5 features, depends more on the game developers. It remains to be seen to what extent this audio technology will be used in games in the future and will be successful.

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What is the difference between PlayStation 5 and the previous version of this console?

In this article, we reviewed the technical specifications of the PlayStation 5. Examining the technical specifications of the PlayStation 5, we can conclude that we are dealing with professional products. This professional product has been thoroughly reviewed in this article and you can get fully acquainted with the PlayStation 5.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most important features of the PlayStation 5?

PS5 is a new console from Sony, which provides users with excellent specifications for playing games. In this article, the features of PS Five were also examined. The most important features of the PlayStation 5 are: redesigned user interface with dedicated screen for each game, AMD Zen 2 8-core processor with a frequency of 3.5 GHz, support for 4K resolution and 120 frame rate, and 8K resolution and 60 frame rate بسیار Much faster game loading speed, 3D audio support, NVMe SSD high-speed memory, powerful GPU with RDNA 2 architecture with beam tracking capability, support for previous generation games, the ability to download and install different parts of games separately, and more.

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