Recently, rumors about the new version of Xiaomi’s user interface have been circulating, and this time, in a new information disclosure, some features of MIUI 14 have been leaked.

These days, many rumors and reports have been published about MIUI 14, and it seems that unlike the previous rumors that the Xiaomi user interface version 13.5 will be presented, the Chinese are going to switch directly to version 14. Today, the release of some screenshots has revealed information about the new features of MIUI 14, which we will discuss below.

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Some features of MIUI 14

Recently, new screenshots of the new Xiaomi MIUI 14 user interface have been published, which deal with some of the most important changes of this user interface. The new version is developed for Android 13 and the new images of its environment are related to version 22.7.19. Since Xiaomi usually uses the date to indicate the version number of its new updates, what can be seen in the published screenshots should belong to at least a few days ago.

Some features of MIUI 14 were leaked!

According to the leaked screenshots of the MIUI 14 user interface, the gallery app on my Xiaomi phones will be equipped with the ability to recognize text in images. This makes it possible to easily copy the text in the images and use them in other applications or share them. On the other hand, a new feature called On this day has been added to this application, which shows old photos taken on a certain day in the past years.

Some features of MIUI 14 were leaked!

Other features of the new MIUI 14 user interface include support for Bluetooth LE Is. Fascinating technology that is the next generation of wireless audio transmission and delivers superb audio quality.

Among the other important features of MIUI 14, we should mention Multi-Stream, which sends the sound to both phones and TWS headphones at the same time. This is because current TWS headsets have a primary phone that connects to a second phone for simultaneous audio playback.

Some features of MIUI 14 were leaked!

In the new version of Xiaomi’s user interface, we also see fraud protection, which is a kind of security feature to deal with suspicious calls, messages or applications.

Some features of MIUI 14 were leaked!

Other features include the ability to clear notifications with a new method that provides the tools needed to do this with a redesigned design. In addition, the clock app’s user interface has been updated. Recently, unofficial information from Xiaomi phones that will receive MIUI 14 has also been published.

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