Social Security Marriage Allowance It is a gift that is recently paid to eligible people by the social security organization. Read the conditions for receiving this gift below.

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According to the social security law, the social security organization is obliged to fulfill obligations in front of its insured. These obligations will be short-term and long-term.

According to this law, short-term obligations, including medical support in cases of illness, pregnancy and accidents, wage compensation for sick days, wage compensation for pregnancy days, travel and accommodation expenses for the patient and companion, prostheses and orthotics, compensation for amputated limbs, Marriage allowancethe cost of burial and unemployment insurance will be.

According to Article 85 of the Social Security Law, Marriage allowance It is considered as one of the short-term obligations of this organization and will be given as a gift to the qualified compulsory insured persons who get married for the first time.

Among the long-term obligations of this organization, we can mention retirement pension, total disability pension, partial disability pension, survivor’s pension and cash, non-cash and Eid benefits for pensioners (family allowance, children’s allowance and Eid).

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Conditions for receiving social security marriage allowance

about The amount of this gift It should be said that the marriage allowance is equal to the sum of salaries and benefits subject to insurance premium deduction within two years before the date of marriage divided by 24. If this calculated amount is less than the minimum wage on the date of marriage, the amount of this gift will be equal to the minimum wage of the year of marriage.

So Cash wedding gift The equivalent of one month’s salary will be the basis of insurance premium deduction. Also, if both husband and wife are eligible to receive social security benefits, this gift will be given to both of them free of charge.

One of the important conditions for receiving this allowance is the existence of work experience and insurance. The insured person must have at least 720 days of work experience within five years before the date of the contract, and during this period his insurance premium has been fully paid by the employer.

Among other necessary conditions for Receive marriage allowance Social security is non-interruption of the insured’s employment relationship with the employer, marriage in the form of a permanent contract and its registration in the official marriage office. It should also be noted that the insured persons of social security who had the above conditions at the time of marriage but did not receive this allowance can also apply for it.

In order to receive the social security marriage gift, there is no need to visit in person, and all services related to applying for allowances are done through the offline system of the Social Security Organization at Applicants can register their application by referring to this site in the menu section of the insured/short-term support/marriage allowance application, only by entering the information related to the date of marriage and the national code of the spouse.

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