These days, due to the extensive internet restrictions, various methods are being tested to access the free internet in Iran. Methods that are limited and risky! The latest reports indicate Smuggling Starlink equipment to Iran at an astronomical price Is.

A new report from Tejarat News indicates Widespread transfer of satellite internet equipment to Iran It is smuggled from the western borders of the country. This media claims that some people say that they want to import Starlink internet equipment into the country. According to this report, even a significant number of these equipments have been imported to Iran and are sold in border markets such as Baneh at exorbitant prices.

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Smuggling Starlink equipment to Iran

One of these importers claimed that in order to import this equipment, they must first have approx 350 dollars to receive an amount equal to 11 million tomans as advance payment. Equipment cargo Also, it reaches the customer in approximately 15 days, that too in person in Baneh. Of course, it is also possible to send by taxi and suburban bus with fake packaging.

As we said, the 350 dollars in question is just an advance payment, and the customer has to pay another 1500 dollars, which is 49 million tomans, to receive the equipment and install it. In this way, it should be said that the total The cost of Starlink Internet equipment in Iran something About 60 million tomans Is. Of course, the subscription fee for the first two months is paid with this account.

Smuggling Starlink equipment to Iran at an astronomical price;  New business boom in the shadow of filtering!

The important thing is that Tejarat News deleted this report hours after it was published, but other sources have confirmed this news. People have also denied the smuggling of Starlink equipment during these hours. Diaco Afkham, a former member of the Iran-Iraq Chamber of Commerce, said in this regard in the border cities Satellite internet equipment at an astronomical price It is sold and the sellers claim to deliver the equipment to the customer in 15 days.

As the sellers claim, each Starlink modem can supply up to 200 mobile phones. Also, these modems can be used up to a radius of 400 meters.

Having said that and considering The price of satellite internet in Iran if possible you would like to Buying satellite internet equipment are you

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