The current developments in the world have expanded to a wider level and these changes have progressed to the point where you can easily control all parts of the house with a button.

The current developments in the world have expanded to a wider level and these changes have progressed to the point where you can easily control all parts of the house with a button. Maybe this issue seems strange to you, but smart homes have many fans; Because they have much more facilities than traditional houses. Smart activities have made it possible to manage the activities of different home equipment from different distances through an integrated central system.

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But the basic question is how to make the house smart? Various technologies are used to make homes smart, one of which is the hub. This system provides the context to determine specific programs for various home equipment so that you can easily send the necessary instructions to them through the Internet. The use of smart systems in new homes has expanded to such an extent that the possibility of its implementation is also considered during construction.

Application of technology gateway Learn more about the modern house!

The most important step in designing a new apartment is to use the Gateway system. This device acts as a central core in smart homes and connects all home equipment such as Smart digital lock system And it connects the digital handle with the internet. In general, this device is known as the creator of the Internet of Things. This capability in modern buildings not only allows you to control your home in any situation, but also to prevent various incidents at home through the security and monitoring systems in the building.

This device has the ability to enter from one network to other networks and provide a link between the equipment and the Internet. All protocols implemented in smart homes can receive data and commands from users through the Gateway so that users can easily communicate with these devices.

High technology compatibility Gateway with different technologies

Various protocols are used to make homes smart, and all these protocols must be compatible with the interface. As an interface between the user and the home equipment, the gateway device is relatively compatible; This is because the latest technologies available in the world and in accordance with the Internet of Things technology have been used in its construction. Therefore, technologies such as wimax, zigbee, Bluetooth, as well as very old versions of the zigbee protocol are easily compatible with the Gateway device.

All commands related to home appliances like Smart door lock or the digital lock of electrical equipment, from all kinds of protocols can be implemented easily. Also, setting the heating of the home, checking whether the windows are open or closed when it rains, checking the digital handle of the window, etc. can be done through this device.

Smart homes equipped with the Gateway system are among the most popular options!

Create a lot of security with the device Gateway In modern homes!

The level of security of this device is excellent in its own way and advanced AES technology is used to perform Gateway encryption. This type of encryption makes the system safe from any hacker penetration. So far, there have been no reports of this system being hacked anywhere in the world, and this seems almost impossible. The system of this device has great stability and can continue to work for a long time without needing to rest.

The design of intelligent systems is such that even if one of its parts fails, the other parts continue to operate. In modern homes, these features comply with fully advanced coding and connections, and with special SIM cards assigned to limited users, they protect unauthorized people from accessing the system. So it can be said that the smart home security system is the beating heart of modern homes that does not fail and is managed directly through an application inside and outside the house.

The role of technology hub hub In modern buildings

Smarting in modern homes requires the coordination of various tools. All kinds of electrical equipment, cameras, Digital lock, motion sensors, audio, digital systems, automatic lighting and lamps, etc. must be able to communicate with the user and execute instructions simultaneously in this process. For this reason, the process of remote control through the Internet is a relatively complicated task Hub technology It has made it easier to some extent.

The hub system can easily provide intelligent control of different parts of the house, and the bridge is used to connect various equipment in the house to the Internet. This system exists as a central controller in modern homes where all appliances are controlled jointly by different protocols. There are various software that direct this system to automatic and controlled activity. As the commands are sent by the user, the tools also react according to this data; For example, it can be for Smart lock It set a certain time and, on the other hand, it postponed turning off the lights to certain hours of the day and night.

Smart homes equipped with the Gateway system are among the most popular options!


Currently, life has become very different compared to the past, and the use of modern technologies has expanded greatly. Modern houses have different advantages for people; All household items such as Smart lock It is controlled and the security of the house is provided in the absence of residents. In addition, various home equipments are easily controlled and energy and time are well optimized.

To make the modern home smart, various systems such as hub or bridge are used in order to receive and execute user instructions. The Gateway system also competes with global examples in this field and is at a very high level in terms of compatibility and security. If you intend to make your home smart, you should become more familiar with these systems and take advantage of their various capabilities.


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