Xiaomi’s smart display with the official name of Smart Home Display 6 (Smart Home Display 6) was officially unveiled by the company in the Chinese market today.

This device equipped with a camera and MIUI Home system is designed in such a way that its 6-inch screen is placed right above the speaker. Also, there is a button installed on the side of this device, by turning it off, the microphone system and the display are completely disabled.

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Specifications and capabilities of smart home display 6

One of the features of this device is a 2 megapixel camera that allows the user to make video calls as well as remote monitoring. It is worth mentioning that turning off the microphone will even disable the XiaoAi voice assistant feature in Xiaomi smart home appliances. Smart home display 6

Also, in order to protect the privacy of users, a sliding cover has been considered for the camera of this device, which completely blocks the view of the camera by closing it. It is worth mentioning that there is an adjustable base on the back of this product, which makes it possible to place it on different surfaces.

Other features of this product include support for MIUI Home system, child lock and XiaoAi. Of course, this smart display can be used as a central control hub for smart home appliances.

In addition to all these things, we must say that Smart Home Display 6 has the ability to synchronize with Smart Home Display 10, which enables separate control of smart devices. It should be mentioned that the pre-order of this product has started at the price of 52 dollars in the Chinese market; But the exact information of the time of its global release and the price considered for the global markets are not yet available.

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