Discrimination in internet filtering The CEO of the shuttle called out. Shuttle and other companies that provide high-speed Internet face a wave of strong criticism from users every day.

According to Nakhjavani CEO of Shuttle, Discrimination in internet filtering It has caused people to complain about this company. At Internet outages and filtering Continuously in addition to users, Internet provider companies have also suffered irreparable losses. Nakhjavani said: “Part of the user’s complaint is due to the discrimination in the level of strictness and the difference in the filtering of fixed operators.”

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Discrimination in the application of Internet filtering from the point of view of CEO of Shuttle

Increased filtering Since the end of September, users have faced many problems in accessing Internet And Social Networks has faced On the other hand, internet provider companies are also due to expansion Filtering and the reduction of user consumption, they have faced financial losses. However, “Ahmedreza Nakhjovani”, CEO of Shuttle, in a conversation with Digiato, raises another problem: “Discrimination in filtering fixed and mobile operators.”

Discrimination in internet filtering

According to Nakhjavani, this problem is such that it has resulted in mass complaints from users. He explained in this regard:

At the same time, from the point of view of a service provider, we have a problem with imposing restrictions on services, and the filtering that has taken place has seriously increased the level of dissatisfaction of users and has led to their mass complaints. The degree of strictness and the difference in filtering of fixed operators are related.

Discrimination in internet filtering It caused Nakhjavani to complain about people. He said: “Shuttle as an internet operator has no role in limiting, but people see this discrimination in the filtering system from the eyes of the companies.”

He says in this regard:

As a communication operator, we do not have any role in filtering, and the Internet bandwidth comes to us in a filtered form for distribution. But because in the higher layer, the filtering system and path of the operators are different, people complain about this issue a lot and see this inequality from our eyes. Unfortunately, our follow-up with men has not led anywhere. Naturally, we wish to remove restrictions for everyone, but this discrimination is questionable and problematic.

Discrimination in internet filtering

Shuttle CEO In response to this question Filtering What financial impact has it had on companies, he said: “The one-time restrictions created in people’s access, Decreased income It has resulted in tens of percents for the operators and we are with Economic challenge “It has created an unprecedented situation and sooner or later, it will create an irreversible crisis for us and the communication industry.”

What Nakhjavani refers to as “unprecedented economic challenge” and “irreversible crisis” is caused by the difference in the way of generating income. Fixed companies and mobile operators from the internet For example, under current restrictions, perhaps users of a Mobile operator Don’t buy an internet package or buy a smaller volume. This issue will definitely reduce the income of the mobile operator, but there is a perspective that after the restrictions, the user’s consumption will return to normal because the subscriber is not going to change his mobile number. But this is not the case in a fixed operator.

Following Nakhjavani’s talks in connection with Discrimination in internet filtering It must be said, the user who stops paying to the fixed operator, is likely to abandon this service or decide to use a higher speed mobile internet. On the other hand, shortly after the absence Fixed internet subscription fee paymentBasically, the range of the common line of the fixed internet is also collected. As a result, as the CEO of Shatel says, if there really is such discrimination, it can cause a sharp drop in fixed internet users and their migration to mobile Internet be; A process that can accelerate as this issue continues.

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