Cardenas Markets, one of the largest Spanish grocery chain stores in the United States, launched 59 Shiba Inu and Bitcoin ATMs in its stores.

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The Cardenas Markets chain has partnered with Coin Cloud to launch the Sheiba Ino and Bitcoin ATMs in its branches. Coin Cloud is an American company that manufactures cryptographic and DCM ATMs.

Details of setting up an ATM in Shiba Ino and Bitcoin in the United States

Customers of the Cardenas Markets store are able to buy digital currencies or convert them into Fiat money using a cryptocurrency ATM. More than 40 encrypted assets such as شیبا اینو، Dodge Quinn، Bitcoin And Atrium They are supported by the Cardenas Markets ATM‌.

Shiba Ino and Bitcoin ATMs launched in 59 US stores

The largest Latin American sales network operates in California, Arizona and Nevada. The first test of Shiba Ino and Bitcoin ATMs will be performed in Las Vegas.

The idea of ​​setting up a cryptocurrency ATM is not unrelated to the intense Spanish interest in cryptocurrencies. Local research shows that Hispanics in the United States are more interested in ciphers than immigrants from other countries. Spanish languages ​​use cryptocurrencies more as a method of payment. El Salvador, for example, introduced cryptocurrencies as its legal currency.

According to the President of El Salvador, most of the people of this country regularly receive remittances from their relatives in the United States. Digital currencies perform better at transferring money than traditional banks due to their low fees.

As Latinos’ relationship with digital currencies deepens, more Central American countries such as Mexico, Paraguay and Venezuela are likely to adopt digital currencies and recognize them as national currencies.

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