Researchers’ research on the sexuality of mites on the skin of the face has led them to conclude that the sexuality of mites makes your skin beautiful.

Researchers at the University of Reading in the UK have found that a particular type of mite mates on the skin of the human face every night, which helps keep pores under the skin clean. But how do mite mating lead to facial skin beauty?

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Sex mites and skin beauty

If your facial skin is important to you, you have probably experienced using a variety of creams and exfoliating creams, moisturizers, or the like. But what do you know about the pore-cleaning mites that mate all the time on our facial skin?

Sex of mites

First of all, we do not need to start washing your face in any way right now to get rid of ticks; Because these mites have penetrated so deeply into our skin that they are never removed by washing.

Research by scientists shows that more than 90% of humans host these types of mites, and these mites are mainly transmitted to the baby from birth and during infancy. The important point is that according to Dr. Alejandra Proti, a member of the research team, these mites, which are 0.3 mm in size, do not harm us at all.

Dr. Proti believes that we should be very happy to have such close friends because they clean our skin and keep it perfectly smooth.

This study suggests that the mites in question are only active at night, and that when we are fast asleep, the mites reproduce in the pores and depths of our skin.

Sex of mites

Of course, it should also be noted that as mites become more dependent on humans as a result of reproduction, the genetic storage time of these mites ends over time, to the point that these mites are in danger of extinction.

One researcher believes that these mites directly affect the health of the skin, and as a result, if we lose them, we may face skin problems.

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