A court in the city of Lille, France, tried and finally sentenced a 19-year-old teenager to prison on charges of sending drugs to prison using a drone.

The court dealing with the case of sending narcotics into the prison by drone in the city of Lille, France issued a verdict today and sentenced the young defendant to imprisonment.

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Sending drugs using drones

The 19-year-old accused of this case, who was previously arrested for delivering mobile phones and accessories, drugs and cosmetic products to prisoners in Lille, was sentenced to 20 months in prison by the court.

An accomplice prisoner, who was also smuggling and distributing drugs in the detention center, was sentenced to eight months of double imprisonment based on the court order.

This person had admitted that he was receiving the packages sent by the 19-year-old smuggler from behind the window of his cell. After some time, the French police suspects the delivery of drug packages to the detention center and the distribution of drugs in the prison, and for three consecutive nights, they consider the situation by deploying special agents.

sending drugs using drones;  Technology at the service of criminals!

During this period, the agents witnessed the delivery of 5 packages and finally succeeded in confiscating three packages that were ready to be sent. According to prosecution sources, the police also intercepted the drone used in this unique smuggling operation.

The confiscated packages contained phones and chargers, drugs including hashish and cannabis, lighters and cigars, and even some cosmetics. During the operation of the French police, one of the two drone pilots, who was a 19-year-old youth, was arrested on charges of drug trafficking.

This young man explained in the court that his mission was to send drugs into the prison and after several weeks of following up this task by throwing packages from the prison wall, he finally decided to use a drone to send the packages. He then states that after seizing several hundred grams of cocaine and heroin belonging to a large supplier that he had, he is in debt and had no choice but to do so.

Of course, this smuggler refused to reveal the name of the main supplier of the materials and other people who were driving the drone. He was previously prosecuted for trafficking in hashish, heroin and cocaine and was sentenced to 30 months of imprisonment, including 18 months of imprisonment.

The prosecutor requested a three-year prison sentence and a fine of 5,000 euros for a young man because he helped facilitate the smuggling process in the prison and endangered the security of the prison and the guards with his packages.

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