Passport sales fever for phone registrations has risen sharply as imports of phones over $ 600 have been restricted.

Recently, when it was announced that the import of phones over $ 600 was banned, انتظار as expected, activists and mobile importers looked for a way around this situation, and perhaps the best thing they found ‌ was the import of phones through passengers and the registry.

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The situation is now such that the statistics show that only 40,000 passenger iPhones are registered in the first 22 days of June, and it seems that the situation will be the same until the task of importing phones over $ 600 is determined.

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Selling a passport for a phone registry

Selling passports for phone registry;  Register 40,000 iPhones in just 20 days!
Selling a passport for a phone registry

The new government’s policies on the import of mobile phones over $ 600 have now led to a significant increase in the import of mobile phones, and in the circumstances in which these phones were to be imported into the country in exchange for dried fruit exports, the exporters failed; It has practically made it difficult to import phones over $ 600. In these circumstances, though Importing an iPhone is legal, but it is not possible!

Now that the market for importing passenger phones is hot, in many cities the process of buying and selling passports for the mobile registry has grown significantly.

According to the statistics provided by the customs, the import of passenger phones in the first three months of this year has almost tripled compared to the last three months of 1400, and according to special import laws for phones over $ 600 is one of the most important causes of this problem. In fact, last year, when there was no obstacle to the import of these products, the import of mobile phones by passengers was the last choice of activists and importers.

In addition, it should not be forgotten that the elimination of the allocation of half currency for the import of phones over $ 600 is another factor that has led to the growth of the process of importing phones through passengers. It was in this context that the idea of ​​using the currency from the export of nuts to import phones over $ 600 was raised, but eventually, with the closure of the second Nima Hall, the supply of mobile currency also encountered problems. A spokesman for the Mobile Importers Association said in an interview that:

From the beginning of the year to June 12, about 100,000 mobile phones entered the country through passenger procedures.

Mohammad Reza Alian said:

Most of these phones are over $ 600, which includes 90,000 iPhones. This means that 90% of the import of passenger phones belongs to this brand. Over time, imports will accelerate. For example, in the period from 1 to 22 June alone, 40,000 iPhones were imported into the country.

He mentioned the lack of necessary currency as the main factor in using the passenger procedure to import phones and added:

Naturally, when a mobile phone arrives with a passenger procedure, some people consider it as smuggling or abuse of the passenger procedure.

Alian emphasized:

We also believe that most of the imports of passengers are smuggled goods, which has been able to be activated in the country’s network.

He went on to say that from the beginning of this year, for phones over $ 600, it was decided to provide foreign exchange from dried fruits. But it was not provided and the import of these phones was disrupted. Prior to these restrictions, the number of imports of phones over $ 600 was not so significant, and up to a maximum of 10 mobile phones were imported per month.

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Is the price of mobile going up?

Alian also explained about the price of mobile phones and the possibility of being affected by these conditions. He said that the important thing about this is that the price of mobile phones was not much affected by the price of currency, because before that, imports were done in half currency and half currency in the whole last year increased by about seven to eight percent and It had the same effect on the price of the phone. He noted:

It is safe to say that mobile phones were the only commodity that did not increase in price. The increase in the price of mobile phones was based on half a dollar, which did not change much.

Emphasizing that everyone in the process has decided to return to the market calm, the activist said he hoped the effects of the new decisions would finally be seen within the next two weeks.

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