The latest images of the Galaxy S23 have been revealed in a new concept. The new Samsung flagship hosts a new and attractive color.

The latest pictures of the Galaxy S23 In a video, a concept of the new appearance and color of this Samsung flagship was revealed. Apparently the back design GALAXY S23 It is different from what we have seen from Samsung flagships.

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The latest images of the Galaxy S23 have been released

A new concept video has been published, which has the latest images from Samsung’s next flagship Galaxy S23 displays this Smartphone depicts from different angles. In this video, it is claimed that the Galaxy S23 will have a 6.1-inch display and a punch-hole selfie camera And a new design in Back panel has it.

Unconfirmed rumors say the Galaxy S23, Samsung’s latest flagship phoneIt will be introduced in the second week of Bahman and will be available to customers before the end of the same month. While we have a relatively long time until the unveiling of the new Galaxy devices, more information about them is revealed day by day.

Samsung In phones Galaxy S series It has focused a lot on the design. These premium devices experienced some appearance modifications last year and the Ultra model saw many changes. Likely Galaxy S23 It will not have a camera island on the back panel and three cameras will be placed separately on the back panel.

The latest pictures of the Galaxy S23

The latest pictures of the Galaxy S23Blue color shows the new design. This unofficial image has three cameras in it Galaxy S23 back panel show to others.

for now Galaxy S23 Ultra We have not seen officially; But we have no doubt that the ultra model will have more and better quality cameras. Leakers have already revealed concept images of the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Qualcomm has confirmed that Galaxy S23 series phones in all regions of the world with Snapdragon processor are offered While using Exynos 2300 In the Galaxy S23 seems largely ruled out, new rumors say this processor is still in production; But for Mid-range phones.

Samsung Galaxy S23 probably at least 8 GB RAM and 128 GB Storage memory And 120 Hz screen It will have 1440p and a 5,000 mAh battery.

Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus They are supposed to have a series of changes compared to the current models. For example Snapdragon 8 generation 2 Replace Snapdragon 8 generation 1 It may be that according to the news and rumors, it is extremely powerful and fast, but news has recently been published that Samsung wants to design these two phones differently from the current two models.

Samsung It intends to make its products more integrated in terms of design. Thus it seems to want Camera module which in current models is attached to the side frame of the phone and hosts three cameras, remove and install the cameras on the back panel without any modules. Recently, one of YouTube users with username 4RMD He published new images of the two phones with this design, which you can see in this news.

In addition, news has just been published that Samsung wants to include in all three phones Galaxy Z Fold 4 energy storage capability Use that on this topic Battery charging It will have a big impact. In terms of coloring The phones of this series will most likely go to the market in beige, black, green and soft pink colors. However, Samsung usually considers a different color scheme for the Ultra model.

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