A second-hand iPhone at a cheaper price than a new one is an attractive option for many people. We all like to hold high-quality Apple phones in our hands, try them and enjoy the latest technologies in the world. However, the high price of these phones can be an obstacle to achieving what we want. This is where the market for stock Apple devices gets really hot. If you want to buy the best used phone with peace of mind, please follow us to the end of this article to explain the important points while buying.

8 important things you need to know before buying a used iPhone

You must agree that everything is not what the phone looks like. In fact, it is possible to hold a beautiful iPhone in your hand, which is great and unique in terms of appearance, but in terms of hardware, it is full of small and large defects! If you want to choose the best used iPhone without breaking the bank, always keep these 8 tips in mind:

1. Pay attention to the device’s documentation

Before you want to pay a fee, ask the owner of the phone to show you the original or a copy of the iPhone purchase invoice. By checking the documents of this smartphone, you will find out whether the seller was the first buyer of this phone or not? Also, do you know if the device is still under warranty? Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the date of purchase of the device and whether the name of the seller corresponds to what is included in the purchase documents of the device or not.

If the seller could not provide you with the proof of purchase, consider the possibility that the phone you are considering is a second-hand iPhone. As you know, the probability of being beaten and misused is higher than that of a second-hand iPhone. So it is better to weigh and ask yourself if you are willing to accept this risk or not?

2. Ask about the IMEI code of the phone

To make sure that the specifications of your desired device match the purchase invoice, just ask the seller to enter the General section from the Settings section and then read the IMEI number from the About section. In addition, the seller can also get this number by dialing the code *#6#. By having this number, you can make sure that the documents of the device really belong to it or not.

iPhone IMEI code

3. Pay attention to the serial number of the device and coverage

If you want to know when your second-hand iPhone was manufactured and whether it is still under warranty, you need to have the device’s serial number. To get this number, it is enough to go to the General and then About section through the Settings section and see the Serial Number. In addition, in the About section, there is a Coverage Expired section where you can see if the warranty of this device has expired or not.

iPhone serial number

You can also enter the code and see the information you need through checkcoverage.apple.com.

Warranty coverage checking site

4. Be aware of the possibility of the device being repaired

It is very important to know whether it is repaired or not before paying for a used iPhone. It is also good to know who did the repair work if the phone has already been repaired. Apple representative or not so famous repairers? Because if repairs are done anywhere other than authorized Apple dealers, the replaced parts are no longer considered original.

If low-quality parts are used during the repair of the mobile phone, this will also affect the phone’s performance and reduce its performance quality. So it is very good to ask the seller if the phone has been repaired or not before buying a stock iPhone.

5. Check the buttons and touch status of the phone

Before buying the phone, you need to make sure that the buttons and the screen work. You can ask the seller to press the iPhone buttons one by one during the video call and work with the second-hand iPhone in front of the camera. You also need to pay attention to the reaction of the phone when you press the buttons and make sure that they are healthy.

Pay special attention to the function of the home button, because it gets damaged very soon in older models. To measure the performance of the screen, just ask the seller to zoom the screen or type a sentence for you.

6. Measure the device’s cameras carefully

Undoubtedly, it is necessary to observe the cameras carefully and make sure that they are healthy and have no cracks. But it is good to know that not everything is summed up in the appearance of the cameras. If the device’s camera has already been repaired, it is very likely that they have replaced the original Apple camera with another camera.

This replacement affects the quality of video and photography of the second-hand iPhone. Then ask the seller to take a picture with the phone during the video call and show it to you so that you can measure the quality of the pictures better.

7. Try the speaker and speakers of the iPhone

It is interesting to know that if the device has fallen into water and is damaged, this will be clearly indicated by the sound quality of the speakers. Ask the seller to play music on the device and turn the volume all the way up. If you hear a clear sound, you can rest assured that the phone is not damaged from the inside.

Second hand iPhone speakers

8. Test the second-hand iPhone microphone

If you want to make quality calls, you need to ensure the health of the phone’s microphone. So it’s a good idea to ask the seller to use the Voice Memos app and record your voice and then listen to it. Or as a better solution, you can call the same used phone and measure its sound quality.

iPhone health testing programs

There are apps to test the health of your phone that can help you make a choice when buying a used iPhone. Applications include:

iPhone health testing programs

You can download the programs mentioned above from the iOS App Store without the need for an Apple ID.

Is buying a used iPhone the right choice for you?

If you want to spend money to buy a stock iPhone, you need to weigh all aspects before paying. It is true that Apple devices are very durable and work well for years, but if these phones are not treated properly, it is natural that their useful life will decrease.

The advice of the experts is that if you intend to buy, you must measure the phone in person from the various aspects that we have taught you in this article, and then pay the price. If it is possible for you, you can buy a refurbished iPhone instead of a used phone. Because these devices have Apple’s warranty and have successfully passed all kinds of tests before they reach you.

final word

By buying a second-hand iPhone, you can get one of the best phones in the world at a cheaper price and enjoy it. In this guide, we discussed the important points that you need to pay attention to when buying these phones. Do you also have the experience of buying stock Apple devices? If your answer is yes, we will be happy to share your experiences with us and other IPS users in the comment section.

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