During the test of the new and improved Bavar 373 system, Sayad 4B missile was unveiled. This missile now has a range of 300 km and its engagement height has increased to 32 km.

According to Mehr News Agency, the test procedures Advanced Belief System 373 It was successfully carried out with the Sayad 4B missile today, Sunday, November 15, in the presence of Amir Mohammadreza Ashtiani, the Minister of Defense and Support of the Armed Forces, Amir Alireza Sabahifard, the commander of the Air Defense Force, and a group of defense industry experts.

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Sayad 4B missile was unveiled

In this test, the objective is vertical Range of more than 450 km It was discovered by the optimized radar of Bavar 373 system and tracked at a range of about 405 km and was hit and destroyed at a range of more than 300 km.

Sayad 4B missile was unveiled; useful range of 300 km

long range missile Sayad 4 B It has compound solid fuel and was evaluated operationally for the first time. The detection radar range of Bawar 373 system has increased from 350 km to 450 km, and the engagement radar range of this system has increased from 260 to 400 km. The range of the Samaneh missile has also increased from 200 to 300 km, and its engagement height has increased from 27 to 32 km.

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