A user caused by publishing a warning on Twitter Save the cross bridge China became BitBTC. According to a Twitter user, BitBTC’s Optimism Bridge is highly vulnerable.

According to reports, BitBTC bridge It has technical problems. This bug allowed an attacker to mint fake tokens on one side of the bridge and exchange them with real ones on the other side.

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Cross China Bridge saved by a Twitter user

A cross-chain bridge between BitBTC and Optimism Ethereum layer 2 network It was saved thanks to a Twitter user. The activity of the Twitter user led to the prevention of hacker abuse. The cross-chain bridge provides a solution for sending users’ assets between the Optimism network and the BitAnt decentralized financial ecosystem. The bridge includes yield services, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), swaps, and the BitBTC token. Every 1 million BitBTC is equal to 1 Bitcoin.

BitBTC bridge bug It was highlighted by Lee Bousfield, Abirtrum’s head of L2 network technology, in a tweet on October 18. This Twitter user warned that BitBTC’s Optimism Bridge is strangely vulnerable. Bousfield stated that he published this tweet because his messages were not received by the BitBTC team. This led to the saving of the Cross China Bridge. According to Bousfield, the BitBTC bridge security bug allowed the fake minted token to be swapped for genuine tokens.

Saving the Cross China Bridge by a Twitter user;  BitBTC saved from danger!

Part of Optimism L2 The cross-chain bridge enables the withdrawal of tokens. This would allow the hacker to pick the L1Token address token sent to the L1 side of the bridge. This bridge completely ignores the L2 part and collects arbitrary L1 signals. Bosfield continued:

This means that an attacker can stake their token on Optimism. He can also allocate all the resources and set the L1 token to the real BitBTC address.

Fixed the security bug of the Cross China bridge

Bousfield believes that it will take 7 days to fully exploit the security bug. Some time after Cross China Bridge saved by a Twitter user, the attacker tried to withdraw 200 billion fake BitBTC. In an update published 10 hours later, Bousfield announced that the bug had been fixed after contacting the BitBTC team. Cointelegraph contacted the BitAnt team to confirm this news.

On October 18, Kevin Fichter, the developer of Optimism, confirmed the existence of a security bug in the BitBTC section of the cross-chain bridge. According to Fisher, BitBTC used its own custom bridge as opposed to the standard Optimism bridge provided by partners.

Fischer also noted that assets other than BitBTC are not at risk. According to Fichter, a lot of time and energy has been put into the standard bridge. Developer Optimism encouraged people to use the standard bridge.

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