With Sanction of Sahab Pardaz company by America Another company has been added to the US sanctions list. But what is Sahab Pardaz and why is it banned?

The sanction of Sahab Pardaz company was confirmed by America. The US Department of Treasury added “Samaneh Gostar Sahabpardaz” company, which is an active company in the field of technology, to its list of sanctions.

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Sanction of Sahab Pardaz company by America

In a statement issued by the United States Office of Foreign Assets Control, the above company was added to the list of sanctions along with other US sanctions. Samane Gostar Sahab Pardaz Company which is a knowledge-based company was established in 2013. The main activity of this company is in the field of information and communication technology. On its dedicated website, this company has introduced itself as a “strategic partner of organizations” and a provider of services related to “data technologies”.

Sanction of Sahab Pardaz company by America

Sahab Pardaz company has been sanctioned by the US because of what is called “the role of this company in filtering services of social networks”. Currently, no evidence or documentary evidence has been provided for this claim, but Tekrato always welcomes the reactions and opinions of Sahabpardaz managers and covers their official response to this issue.

It should be said that last month too The Minister of Communications is on the US sanctions list It was stated that the reason for this was stated by the US Treasury Department as “restricting the internet of millions of Iranian users in the country”.

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