According to the latest statistics from the research company PWC, the global market value of Samsung has decreased by 21% and the large Korean company has experienced a huge loss.

According to PWC, Samsung, with a global market value of $ 342 billion by the end of March 2022, has fallen 7 places from last year, down 21 percent from its global market value and is now in 22nd place. Apple, Samsung’s main competitor, however, has the most value in the global market.

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Samsung Global Market Value

As we said, Samsung Electronics lost 21% of its global market value between March 2021 and March 2022 and has now fallen several steps. Samsung was 15th on the list last year, but is now 22nd.

As you can see in the pictures above, there is a huge difference in market value between Apple and Samsung, with Apple at the top of the list with a market value of $ 2.85 trillion. Samsung’s other competitor, TSMC, which is active in the semiconductor market, is also in tenth place with a market value of $ 541 billion.

Microsoft, the National Oil Company of Saudi Arabia, Alphabet, Amazon and Tesla are also ranked second to sixth, respectively. Other well-known companies and institutions on this list include Bank of America, Toyota Motor, Alibaba Group, and Pfizer.

In the ranking of countries, the United States of America, with a significant difference in March 2022, has the largest share of market value because most of the listed companies are located in the United States. After the United States, China has the largest market share at 22 percent, followed by Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, France, the United Kingdom, Taiwan, India, Ireland and South Korea, respectively.

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