Today in Samsung, Samsung unveiled the Samsung Soundbar 2022 in the S and Q series. These new sandbars have attractive features.

Samsung has introduced the latest S and Q series sandbars with support for Dolby Atmos Wireless in India, and people can enjoy their powerful sound with a WiFi connection.

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Samsung Soundbar 2022

Samsung has prepared and equipped its 2022 soundbar production line in India, and this coincides with World Music Day. Samsung 2022 soundbars with advanced and powerful Dolby Atmos wireless audio system, integrated connection and quality with The best Samsung TVs Offer.

They also have Q-Symphony, SpaceFit Sound Advance and dtsX capabilities for the best audio experience. This collection includes a number of Samsung S and Q series flagships and its models are; Soundbar 200W S61B, Soundbar 330W S801B, Soundbar 360W Q600B and Soundbar Q990B.

Samsung Sandbar 2022

Dolby Atmos technology used in Q series sandbars makes it possible to take full advantage of the powerful soundbar sound by connecting to WiFi. The Q-Symphony feature also allows sandbars to sync with speakers compatible with Samsung TVs and produce high quality sounds. Samsung S-Series sandbars are very slim, and according to Samsung, the S801B is the world’s thinnest sandbag, which is about 60% thinner than regular sandbags.

The new Samsung Sandbars will be available to customers in India in 2022 through the official Samsung dealer as well as other online and offline retailers. The cheapest model of these products is $ 320 and the most expensive is $ 1280.

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