The reports of DSCC news website indicate that Samsung is also in production this time iPhone 14 screens It will have a colorful role.

Ross Young of the DSCC news website has reported that Samsung is once again responsible for supplying iPhone screens and panels. According to available information, Apple Inc 82 percent It has purchased 12% of its screens from Samsung, 12% from Korea’s LG and another 6% from China’s BOE.

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Production of 80% of iPhone 14 screens by Samsung

According to reports from Ross Young, early versions iPhone 14 Pro Max They will be produced only with Samsung panels. Also, Samsung’s share in supplying Apple screens is similar to the iPhone 13 series, when Samsung produced 83% of these parts.

Apparently, LG has also faced technical challenges in the field of producing panels according to Apple’s request, and it will start supplying Apple’s desired screen from the beginning of September. Of course, the Chinese company BOE has the ability to produce a large volume of the desired panels, but the Apple company plans to produce its iPhone 14 series in a limited way.

iPhone 14 screensAccording to detailed data released by Yang, the manufacturers’ shipments were 1.8 million in June, 5.35 million in July, more than 10 million in August and more than 16.5 million in September. This means that Apple is preparing to produce at least 34 million devices For the first three months of the iPhone 14 release.

as you know Far Out event It will be held on September 7 in the city of Cupertino, and in this event, four iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max phones will be released. Also scheduled in this event New A16 chipset will also be released that only the Pro version of this series of iPhone phones will be equipped with it.

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