Samsung intends Selling 270 million phones in 2023 has it. For this purpose, this company focuses a lot on the folding phone series; Therefore, we must witness the significant growth of these phones.

According to a new report published in Korea, Samsung expects to sell about 260 million smartphones this year, and the target is to sell 270 million phones from the brand in 2023. The sale of this company’s phones in 2017 with 320 million It is a record holder and since then, sales have not reached more than 300 million phones per year.

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Samsung plans to sell 270 million phones in 2023

Current estimate 260 million sales of Samsung phones In 2022, it is about 10 million more than last year, and the company wants to increase this amount again by another 10 million next year. To do this, Samsung is reportedly focusing heavily on Folding phones will have, which can also help its profitability growth by increasing the volume of net sales.

Selling 270 million phones

Instead of giving up on low-end phones in 2023 in order to be more profitable, Samsung apparently only plans to change its approach to increasing profitability by increasing the proportion of premium products it sells. This is where foldables are still unrivaled for the company, with an average annual growth rate of 80% projected through 2024. Samsung plans 60 million The device from its flagship S and Z series and 210 million will release the device from the A series next year.

However, in the case of foldable phones in particular, if one or more Chinese smartphone makers eventually decide to launch their foldable phones internationally, Samsung’s plans could be derailed, leaving the company in trouble. to face These competitors are likely to challenge Samsung’s reign in this space with lower pricing and thus may force Samsung to cut into the very attractive margins of the foldable segment.

In the continuation of this report, it should be noted that the Samsung Galaxy Z flip and fold phones will be released next year with improved design, better durability and less creases in the screen.

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