There have been significant changes in the latest version of the Samsung browser Samsung browser support for Google Chrome bookmarks It is one of the most interesting of them.

Recently, a new feature has been added to Samsung products, with the help of which one Synchronization between Samsung’s proprietary browser and Google Chrome bookmarks is created This feature, which appeared for the first time in the summer season in the beta version of this application, is now available to all users.

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Samsung browser support for Google Chrome bookmarks

To enable bookmark synchronization, simply download the Samsung Internet Chrome extension and sign in to your Samsung account. After that, select the Chrome bookmarks option and then click on Import.

Of course, you should note that to get this feature, you have to The latest version of the Samsung browser otherwise, first update your browser through Play Store or Galaxy Store and then go to the settings section and activate the Sync with Samsung Cloud option.

In addition, there are other changes in the new update, among which we can mention the new security feature for each website, the new Samsung Internet widget, the ability to use extensions in hidden mode, and the intelligent anti-tracking feature.

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