The Deputy Minister of Transport of the Ministry of Samat announced the sale of Saipa cars without a lottery. But what is the story of removing the registration and lottery process for Saipa cars?

During the last few years, the car has become a capital item and no longer plays a role in people’s lives. Therefore, there is a lot of demand to buy limited models of domestic manufacturers; But the speed of production cannot meet the needs of the people. Based on this, the lottery process for buying cars in the country started, which not only did not solve the problem, but also added pain to other people’s pain.

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However, the Deputy Minister of Transport of the Ministry of Security has recently announced the withdrawal of Saipa vehicles from the lottery.

Sale of Saipa cars without lottery

The Deputy Minister of Transportation of the Ministry of Transport, Sammat, announced that due to the increase in production, Saipa cars were withdrawn from the lottery process in the second round. He expressed hope that the production increase will happen for Iran Khodro and other domestic car manufacturers.

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