After Saipa, now the plan to sell Iran Khodro cars without a lottery has been announced by the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade. But what cars are offered?

After the sale plan of Saipa cars without lottery, now Iran Khodro Company, as another giant of the country’s automobile industry, will offer some of its products in pre-sale plans and participation in production, without lottery and through the integrated car allocation system.

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Sale of Iran Khodro cars without lottery

The sale of Iran Khodro products without lottery is to be done through the automakers system, and the integrated car allocation system only has the role of intermediary between the applicants and the automakers and directs the applicants to the automakers’ site. Previous individual restrictions on registration are still in place.

In addition, by selecting any product, applicants can be directed to the website of the car company to be informed of the registration conditions and related restrictions, in accordance with the circulars announced by each company.

At the moment, the time of sale without Iran Khodro lottery and how to register in this plan is not clear, but Iran Khodro has announced that it will announce the time and method of registration in the full circular that will be published next week. The cars of this design are Tara automatic, Tara manual, Dena Plus turbocharged and Dena Plus turbocharged automatic. See the complete list of Iran Khodro lottery sales plan cars in the table below:

Sale of Iran Khodro cars without lottery

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