The latest news of Russia’s attack on Ukraine Russia’s threat to attack Western satellites Granted, this issue has gone to the level of threats by the Russian authorities.

A senior official of the Russian government on Thursday The possibility of targeting and shooting down commercial satellites of Western countries has spoken out due to its use in the Ukrainian war effort.

Meanwhile, according to high-ranking officials of Ukraine, the bombing of the country’s infrastructure by the Russian army continues, and even the Kremlin officials The possibility of attacking western satellites have informed Meanwhile, there has been no quick response from the United States or commercial satellite developers in the West to Russia’s threat to attack Western satellites.

This threat can increase tensions and worries about the escalation of conflicts between Russia and Ukraine, as well as the risk of a direct confrontation between Russia and the West.

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Russia’s threat to attack Western satellites

A senior official of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Konstantin Vorontsov, on Thursday described the use of Western satellites to aid Ukraine’s military operations as “a very dangerous practice.” He further considered this action in line with supporting Ukraine and called it “provocative” and addressing the First Committee (Disarmament and International Security) of the United Nations, he said:

“Civilian paramilitary infrastructure can be legitimately targeted for retaliatory attacks.”

The official of the Russian Foreign Ministry did not mention any specific satellite company, but it should be noted that Elon Musk announced earlier this month that the space company he owns called “SpaceX” will finance Starlink internet service It continues in Ukraine.

“The involvement of the United States and its allies in military conflicts has been in the form of using parts of civilian space infrastructure, including parts of a commercial nature,” Vorontsov continued. It should be noted that in August (late August), Russia accused the United States of directly interfering in the war in Ukraine, because it believed that it had provided satellite intelligence assistance to the company.

This accusation was raised after the statement of the Deputy Minister of Military Intelligence of Ukraine in an interview with the British newspaper The Telegraph, this official had stated that Ukraine has successfully removed the advanced Himars missile systems provided to Kiev by the Washington authorities with the benefit of satellite images and Instant information is used.

Satellite images of conflict zones captured by US satellite imaging technology show the coordinates of Russia’s militarily vulnerable areas. These images are reviewed daily by intelligence experts on Twitter.

Russia's threat to attack Western satellites

In the southern region of Kherson in recent days, according to Reuters, due to wet weather and hard ground, as well as the lack of significant developments in the eastern front, the speed of Ukrainian attacks has decreased. Ukraine’s critical infrastructure will continue ahead of winter.

The Ukrainian authorities consider these attacks to be aimed at weakening the spirit of the people to continue resisting the Russian army. For this reason, according to Ukraine, Russia seeks to deprive people of basic facilities such as energy and heat in the winter season, but Kiev officials consider this strategy to be a failure.

It should be noted that Russia is just like United States of America And china, has the necessary space offensive capability to implement its threats; This country in 2021 one Anti-satellite missile It has launched one of its satellites to destroy it.

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